Payout 1.1

PVP kill payouts distributed fairly: each player gets paid according to how much damage they dealt

  1. Miles

    Overview ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Kill stealing has been a problem on my server for years. Players have been PvPing, and another player swoops in at the last second to steal the kill. This plugin stops this by making kill payouts (getting money for kills) percentage based. For example, player 1 and player 2 are fighting. Player 3, seeing that player 1 is loosing the fight, swoops in at the last second and steals the kill. He gets full credit for the kill and gets all the money for it, but player 2 did most of the work. With this plugin, player 2 would get 95% of the reward and player 3 would get 5%. Later, player 2 and player 3 start fighting. Remember, player 1 was just fighting player 2. Player 3 wins, and gets 50% of the reward for player 2 and player 1 (who fought player 1 earlier) will also get 50% percent of the reward because they were fighting earlier.

    How it works
    Whenever a player hits another player, that hit is tracked. When a player dies, all hits to the player who died are processed. A list of damagers and the damage they did to the now dead player (as well as a total damaged amount) is made. The formula to get the amount to pay out is as follows: (damage done / total) * kill worth = amount to pay. The percentage of damage they did to the player is (damage done / total) * 100. Then, after all the players have been correctly paid out, all the hits done to the dead player is reset.

    Setup ~~~~~~~~~~~
    How to install
    Simply drag and drop into your plugins folder and setup the config afterwards.

    In the config, there is only one thing for you to set: price per kill. This is the total amount to be paid out for every kill (all damagers combined).

    Permissions be paid for killing.

    This plugin requires Vault! You should be running it anyway!

Recent Updates

  1. Added update checker, recall system