PBMC | Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in Minecraft 1.0 b4

PUBG in Minecraft

  1. Implementing final ShotGun mechanics

    • ShotGun Mechanics are now fixed
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  2. ShotGun

    • Fixed ShotGun shooting 3 times in the same direction
  3. Fixed ShotGun

    • Fixed ShotGun Bug
    • Added Headshot Function
    • Added configureable Servername on the Scoreboard
  4. Lobby

    Patch notes:
    • You can now set the Lobbyspawnpoint with /pubg setlobby, if you have the permission pubg.setup
    • Added a new weapon, type: Shotgun, name: S1897
    • Added a new weapontype, shotgun
    • Fixed Grenade Bug.
    • Improved Chunkloading
    • Rebuilt Loottable
  5. Config

    • Added config in the PBMC Folder