PCC 1.1

Player Counter Command

  1. adri1711
    What is PCC ? PCC is a plugin that make impossible to make a command you choose on the config file until the server reach an amount of players. Simple but I hope someone find this useful.
    Working on spigot 1.8.X.
    =======CONFIG FILE=======
    Code (Text):
    usersneeded: 5
    commandtoallow: warp minapvp
    =======SERVERS USING IT=======

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  1. JDLGX
    Version: 1.1
    not working!!
    this resource need more features and working...
    1. adri1711
      Author's Response
      Not working? It throws an error or something? I have it on my prison server and its totally working tell me whats happening on the discussion topic
  2. Jimi
    Version: 2015-07-16
    Pretty nice Idea! I just downloaded and now Im thinking witch events I can organize :P Can you make that the console execute the command automatic when reach the required amount of users? Thanks.