Per World Inventory v2.2.2

Have a seperate inventory and more, for each world

  1. Gnat008
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Gnat008, Beatles, ljacqu, sgdc3

    The download button will give you the 1.13 version! If you need the legacy version, download the legacy jar from the GitHub releases page.

    This plugin allows you to separate your player's inventories between groups of worlds. Various player stats are separated, too; this includes things like active potion effects, exp, level, economy balance, and much more. These all can be configured on a per-item basis, should you want some things to be shared between groups. All commands can be seen in-game with the '/pwi help' command, and on the PWI Wiki (see below).

    > Video
    Thanks so much to @Koz4christ for making a video for PWI!

    And also to @racerk12 for his video tutorial for PWI!

    > Wiki
    A full list of commands, permissions, and how to configure the plugin can be found at the PerWorldInventory wiki! This is to help keep clutter low, and everything centralized. Check it out!

    > Conversion
    If you are converting from MV-I, simply run the "/pwi convert" command and the plugin will take care of everything. You must have MV-I running for this. Keep in mind, converting only works with MV-I version 2.5, it will not work on 2.4. When MV-I is updated from 2.4 to 2.5, it switches from yml to json files, but does not convert the data until it is used. Be sure to keep your MV-I data around, just in case something does go wrong.

    > API and Events
    If you wish to integrate your plugin with PWI, there are a few helpful things for you at the Wiki on this page.

    > Miscellaneous
    If you have an issue, please go here and create a new issue. Please don't PM me on here, as I rarely check on Spigot.

    For my own curiosity's sake, I decided to implement bStats. As always, nothing identifying anything or any server is sent. For more information, look here. This can be disabled in the config file.

    The code repository can be found on GitHub.

Recent Updates

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  3. Update v2.2.0

Recent Reviews

  1. Beatles
    Version: v2.2.2
    This version works fantastic on my server, no issues found. Thanks for the update!
  2. BableBalbear
    Version: v2.2.2
    Thank you for making this. Had some trouble at first since you cant reload the plugin but this SAVED MY LIFE.

    Super helpful and basically required for any multi-world server. Thank you again for making this <3.
  3. mrcatter05
    Version: v2.2.2
    Version 2.2.1 was creating issues but an effortless transfer from version: 2.2.1 to version: 2.2.2 . I recommend 2.2.2 as 2.2.1 is kind of a buggy mess. XD Overall great job by the dev!
  4. ExtendedCodek
    Version: v2.2.2
    Filled the console with a list of errors when converting from multiverse inventories. Wiped every inventory on my factions server.
  5. TromboneStevens
    Version: v2.2.1
    Helped me tremendously. Had issues with MVI and switched. With 1 command everything worked and it made me happy. 100/100 AMAZING!
  6. TechStudios36
    Version: v2.2.1
    Amazing plugin! Absolutely useful and is the best one I found so far. Pretty sure everyone else isn't using the legacy version but uses versions under 1.13 and are having issues or something, but it works fine for me. <3
  7. dada513
    Version: v2.2.1
    Plugin ok but when it is installed worldedit is like disappeared so I don’t use the plugin becouse i think worldedit is more needen.
    My mc version: 1.8
    No errors
  8. Kahiii
    Version: v2.2.1
    The worst inventory management plugin: Unreported support, Error in the console when the player joins the server, Unable to migrate the inventory of players from my other server (1.12.2 to 1.13.2), Inventory loss randomly to change map / gamemode.

    This plugin is really crap and will remain so as long as the "developer" does not fix the bugs and indicates a how to make a correct migration.
  9. ItzMeLel
    Version: v2.2.1
    This is a very nice concept and I wish there weren't any bugs. I set it up (1.12.2) and it works how I wanted to, but sometimes it transfers the inventory after awhile without keeping them separate. Very glitchy plugin and no support available when u have problem, doesn't seem like the bugs are being taken care of. Might review again in the future if author shows attention to the plugin. I do not recommend this, very buggy and will wipe ur current inventories!
  10. ekoro
    Version: v2.2.1
    May not be an issue for the current version, but previous versions are quite buggy in my experience. Players losing their inv and balance, as well as not being taken out of creative sometimes. Would have rated lower, but I've not personally put in the effort to solve the problem, or test other versions, so I may be having a somewhat isolated experience.