Per World Inventory 2.3.1

Have a seperate inventory and more, for each world

  1. Update 2.1.0

    Regarding 1.13

    Going forward, 1.13 and newer will be the main focus of the plugin. Because of the dramatic changes in Minecraft and Spigot, it is not guaranteed that PWI for 1.13 and PWI for 1.12.2 and older will have the same features or behavior. Eventually, at some undetermined point in the future, support for 1.12.2 and older will be dropped. That will depend on further Minecraft and Spigot changes in the future.

    The download button will download the 1.13 version. If you need the legacy version for anything before 1.13, download the legacy jar from the GitHub releases page.


    • Create and implement InventoryLoadCompleteEvent
    • Remove certain scheduling calls for plugin compatibility
    • Move all Group commands into their own subcommand (check the in-game help or the Wiki for details)
    • `perworldinventory.admin` permission node now correctly gives Group modification permissions
    • Command permission nodes have changed to follow the pattern `perworldinventory.command.<command>`
    • Add command to view information about a Group
    • Add ability to set the respawn world for each Group when a player dies
      • The respawn world must be a part of the same group
      • A command has been added to set the respawn world
      • The priority is lower than EssentialsX, so players can still repsawn at their beds or homes
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