Per World Inventory 2.3.1

Have a seperate inventory and more, for each world

  1. Update 1.11.3

    • Check the server version before using Attributes
    This should fix errors and issues relating to Attributes on older server versions before 1.9.0.
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  2. Update 1.11.2

    This is a security fix to address an item duplication bug in the Spigot server. The details of this can be seen here.
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  3. Version 1.11.1

    This is a small bugfix version.

    • False warning when trying to create directories that already exist (#209)
    • Error on InventoryLoadEvent (#263)
  4. Update 1.11

    This release fixes a couple of major issues, mainly the duplication of player's inventories on their death. Additionally, issues related to copying the default files have been fixed with this release.

    For other plugin developers, a new event is fired by PWI: the InventoryLoadEvent. This is thrown just before inventory loading takes place, and is cancel-able. You can see the full class...
  5. Update 1.10.0

    It's been a long time coming, but this should fix some major issues.

    * Major refactor on how player data is saved/loaded
    - Should fix issues of players randomly having wrong inventories
    - If oddities continue to occur, allow PWI to manage gamemodes and disable that function of MultiVerse with the permission
    Code (Text):
    * [FIX] Error on shutdown
    - [ECON] Remove handling of bank balance as some plugins use the main balance...
  6. Update 1.9.1

    I'm not dead! Just busy with life and such. I do apologize for not being active here and answering posts and messages.

    In this update, metrics makes a return (except not Metrics!). For my own curiosity's sake, I decided to implement bStats. As always, nothing identifying anything or any server is sent. For more information, look here. This can be disabled in the config file.

  7. Update 1.9.0

    It is finally here! The error that has been plaguing people should finally be gone! In addition to this, we have a few new features, and some other improvements. A lot of stuff changed behind the scenes that most of you will probably never see, but anything noteworthy will be put in the changelog below.

    First, a new permission node has been added: perworldinventory.bypass.enforcegamemode If a player has this permission set and manage-gamemodes in the...
  8. Update 1.8.3

    * Fix error when trying to find the default data files
  9. Update 1.8.2

    Change log:
    + Add debugging messages for economy
    + Add API for other plugins to access parts of PWI
    * Update Java version to Java 8
    * Fix issues with MultiVerse-Inventory converter

    This update requires that your server is running on Java 8 or newer! If you are still running Java 7 and want assistance updating to Java 8, message me and I will help you. If for some reason you are unable to update to 8 (due to bad VPS hosts), let me...
  10. Hotfix 1.8.1

    * Fix NullPointerException when saving data

    No idea why this never showed up in testing, but it did not on my server.