Per World Inventory 2.3.1

Have a seperate inventory and more, for each world

  1. Update 1.6.1

    - Remove new caching system; should end inventory weirdness

    * Fix errors when converting from MV-I
  2. Update 1.6.0

    + Player caching system
    - Players will now be cached in memory for a time before their data is written to the database
    - Every 5 minutes, the plugin will go through all players in the cache and either update them or remove them if they have already been saved
    - When a player changes worlds/gamemodes, the cache will be checked first

    * Fixed MV-I converter sometimes throwing NullPointerExceptions if group is null

    - Removed Metrics
    - Config option will remain until the next...
  3. Hotfix 1.5.10

    * Add check to make sure the health we're trying to set is not greater than the player's max health
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  4. Update 1.5.9

  5. Hotfix 1.5.8

    * Add check when getting player data if directory exists; Fixes error when a new player first joins
  6. Update 1.5.7

    + Added data being loaded on join(1)
    * Group names are no longer case-sensitive
    * Fixed checking wrong permission node

    (1) This should fix issues with inventory loss when using the AuthMe Reloaded plugin.
  7. Update 1.5.6

    +Added config checks when loading player data
    * Fixed StackOverflowError when certain configuration combination used
  8. Update 1.5.5

    + Added Metrics. Can be disabled in the config.
    * Removed economy value from __default.json to try to stop people from accidently wiping balances when changing worlds

    Filename now has the version at the end, so be sure to delete any previous jar files!
  9. Hotfix 1.5.4

    * Fixed worlds.yml being wiped/not generating
  10. Hotfix 1.5.3

    * Fixed logic when checking if skull owner is null