PerfectBungee [New StaffList] 1.1.1

A Power to your network.

  1. 1.1.1

    • Improve | Improved StaffList - now even better see groups.yml
    • New | Made plugin open-source
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  2. 1.1.0

    Fixed the error on Lobby command
    Brand new settings, I'm now using try { LightningStorage } catch (FileNotFoundException ex) {}

    by @EsGibtKeineMitte
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  3. 1.0.9

    • Updated hub command to take multiple servers at once, it will always find that one, with the lowest online count.
    • How to update:
    • Code (Text):
      change: to list*
      change: Version: 7

        - ServerName1
        - ServerName2
  4. 1.0.8

    • Added as command /perfectbungee - this command is NOT changeable.
    • Fixed the issue with onHoverClick Event it would still use default /pb command instead of /perfectbungee command.
  5. 1.0.7

    • Added to config String for setting the command for PerfectBungee
    • Fixed the issue with /pb ? and /pb help command.
    • Added in online player's server - onHover
    How to update? Add to config:
    Code (Text):
    add: PerfectBungee_Commands: "pb|perfectbungee|pbugnee"
    change: version to 6
  6. Update

    • Added a new, custom staff list command (/at). You can create groups for the team in the config.
    • Fixed a bug with a cooldown on a AntiSpam.
    • Please, update your config file:
    • Code (Text):
          format: "&c&lAdmin&r &f> &c{players}"
          permission: ""
          format: "&a&lHelper&r &f> &a{players}"
          permission: ""  

        - "&8------------------------------"
        - ""

        - ""
  7. Improves

    • Added new TabComplete for /msg command. (Players)
    • New motd system now with auto center use %center at the end.
    • You have to change settings:
    • motd1 && motd2 will be StringList:
    • Code (Text):
          - "&f&lThis server is using &a&lPerfectBungee%center"
          - "&d&lThis server is using &e&lPerfectBungee%center"
          - "&fPerfectBungee is a plugin by lackoSK%center"
          - "&bPerfectBungee is a plugin by lackoSK%center"

    NOTE: %center system...
  8. Problem Fix

    • Fixed the problems with the AuthMe server protection - Now works correctly.
    • Any changes in config. You don't have to update.
  9. Bug Fixes

    • I have fixed the task error in the console.
    • Fixed the error with AntiSpam listener on reload now it will automatically get disabled on reload. You have to restart your server to be able to use AntiSpam again.
    • Fixed the issues with the AuthMe server protection
      • Now supports multiple AuthMe servers via StringList
      • Made a completely new system for detecting the commands so they won't break your server easily :p

    • Do not forget to update...
  10. Hot Fix

    • Fixed the issue on /lobby command when I had bad check for player's permission, now fixed.

    You have to update your configuration file:

    • Lobby:
      • perm: "pb.default"
    • Version: 3 (only if you done changes!)