Performium Network Ban Plugin remake 2020-08-04

Ban Plugin remake

  1. t_dash
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    • 1.15
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    This Is a remake of the Performium Network Ban Plugin. I made this with a brunch of plugin. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE PLUGINS IN THE RECREATION! I made this for fun If you need help msg me on discord: (Tdash (He/They)#3291)

    bb.punish.player: Lets players use the /punish command
    bb.unban: lets player unban a player
    bb.bypass: prevents you from being banned make sure that you give this to all player as false to all player. And true for the players who you don't want to be banned.
    bb.ban.1 : lets you use the first time in the ban menu
    bb.ban.2 : lets you use the second time in the ban menu
    bb.ban.3 : lets you use the third time in the ban menu
    bb.ban.4: lets you use the forth time in the ban menu
    bb.ban.perm : lets you use the perm ban in the ban menu
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Recent Reviews

  1. Minecrafty303
    Version: 2020-08-04
    good. very good. good job. So I tried this and liked it. You did a very very good job.
    1. t_dash
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I am still learning java. In a new release I will put this in a jar