Permission, An extensions plugin with other Permission-Plugins

Timed permission, Timed group.

  1. caoli5288
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    This is a bungeecord ranged real-time timed permission system compatible with any other permission systems.

    This plugin is feature stable now.
    • Timed permission or permission group to player.
    • Permission group multi-extends.
    • Bungeecord ranged real-time permission.
    • If you find some bugs or problems, please use the Discussion.
    • If you have something not understand, please use the Discussion.
    • And if you think this plugin is great and helpful, please give 5 stars!!!

    Q:How to give player a timed permission?
    A:Type: "/permission <player> <permission> <days>"
    NOTE: Player need re-login, will only take effect. Now, player need not re-login.(maybe...)

    Q: How to give player a timed group.
    A: If you want give player a timed group. You should create it first.
    • Create a group: "/permission @<group_name> <anyother_permission>"
    • Add permission to group: "/permission @<group_name> <permission>"
    • Create a group A, and group B include group A's permissions: "/permission @<group_name_B> @<group_name_A>"
    • Give player a timed group: "/permission <player> @<group_name> <days> "

    • /permission <player> - Check player's permission.
    • /permission @<group_name> - Check group's permission.
    • /permission <player> <permission> <days> - give player a timed permission.
    • /permission <player> <permission> remove - remove player's permission.
    • /permission <player> @<group_name> <days> - give player a time group.
    • /permission @<group_name> <permission> - add permission to a group, if the group does not exist, will create fist.
    • /permission @<group_name_B> @<group_name_A> - make groupB include groupA's all permissions.
    • /permission @<group> <permission> remove - remove group's permission.

    • permission.admin

    • Make sure `offline: false` in config.yml.

    This plugin does not support give other permission-plugin's timed group. If you want give player many many timed permission.Please type"/permission @<group_name> <permission>" to create and add some permissions, then type "/permission <player> @<group_name> <days>".

    Thanks for using this plugin!!!

    This plugin depend on:

    All the source code and binary files release by GPLv2. You can use it by yourself, but if you want edit , re-post ,transfer or others...Please keep this plugin source address (
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    A great plugin that works very well and I like it very much, thanks to you for making such a nice plugin for us to use.
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    Version: V1.1 BETA
    Nice Permission plugin!
    This plugin is easy to use, and I didn't find any bugs.
    Thanks for sharing !
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    Version: V1.1
    Amazing plugin.
    Kindly with EULA~
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