PermissionEffects 1.1.1

This allows for effects, just using simple permissions!

  1. BlazingBroGamer

    This is a plugin that allows you to give infinite potion effects to a player, using just a simple permission, with a very lightweight plugin.

    • Adds effect on login
    • Infinite Effect Length
    How to use
    Use any permissions plugin, and add the permission in this syntax: permissioneffects.<EffectName>.<EffectLevel>. I am planning on adding a plugin command for doing this.

    Permission Example:

    permissioneffects.REGENERATION.20 - This gives the player, an effect of regeneration, at level 20, for infinite time.

    All commands can start with /pe, or /permission effects.
    NOTE: Case Sensitive!

    add <Player/All> <Effect> <Power> [Adds a PermissionEffect to a Player] - permissioneffects.add
    remove <Player/All> <Effect> <Power> [Removes a PermissionEffect to a Player] - permissioneffects.remove
    list <Player/All> [Lists all the Player's PermissionEffects] - permissioneffects.list
    update [Updates all player's PermissionEffects] - permissioneffects.update
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Recent Reviews

  1. TheDutchApp
    Version: 1.1.1
    Good Plugin!
    Works good ez to configure.
    An update would be nice!