PermissionShop - Supports ALL permission managers. 2.4.0 BETA

Allows players to buy permissions

  1. Tabuu
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    Source Code:

    Code (Text):
    name: PermissionShop
    version: 2.4.0 BETA
    main: nl.tabuu.permissionshop.PermissionShop
    description: This plugin allows players to buy permissions.
    authors: [Tabuu]
    depend: [Vault, TabuuCore]
    softdepend: [GroupManager, PermissionsEx, LuckPerms]

        usage: /pshop
        description: Opens the shop GUI.
        aliases: [permissionshop]

      pshop add:
        usage: /pshop add <name> <price> <permission> [<permission> <permission> ...]
        description: Adds a permission to the shop, the display item will be the item you hold.

      pshop remove:
        usage: /pshop remove
        description: Opens the removal GUI.

      pshop reload:
        usage: /pshop reload
        description: Reloads the config.

        description: Allows players to open the GUI.
        default: true

        description: Allows players to manage the permission shop.
        default: op

    Code (Text):
    # Possible options are:
    #   - "GROUP_MANAGER" (Essentials GroupManager),
    #   - "PERMISSIONS_EX" (PermissionsEx),
    #   - "LUCK_PERMS" (LuckPerms),
    #   - "CUSTOM".
    # You will have to reload/restart the server for this change to take effect.
    PermissionManager: "CUSTOM"

    # Only use this when PermissionManager is set to custom.
    CustomPermissionCommand: "manuaddp {PLAYER} {PERMISSION}"

    # Material of unlocked items, if you do not want it to change leave empty.
    # List of all materials:
    UnlockedMaterial: "IRON_FENCE"

    # Set to true if you want the perk to display all permissions it has.
    DisplayPermissionList: true

    # Set to true if you want number suffixes (k, M, B) instead of zeros
    UseNumberSuffix: false

    # Format: "amount of zeros: 'suffix'"
      '3': 'k'
      '6': 'M'
      '9': 'B'

    Code (Text):
    ERROR_NOTAPLAYER: "&c&lYou must be a player to do this!"
    ERROR_NOPERMISSION: "&c&lYou do not have permission to do this."
    ERROR_WRONGSYNTAX: "&c&lWrong syntax! {SYNTAX}"
    ERROR_NOTANUMBER: "{NUMBER} is not a number."
    ERROR_EMPTYSHOP: "&4&lNo perks have been set."
    ERROR_INVALIDITEM: "&c&lYou must hold something in your hand."

    PERK_ADD_SUCCESS: "&2&lSuccessfully added perk {PERK_NAME}."
    PERK_ADD_ALREADYEXISTS: "&c&lThe perk {PERK_NAME} already exists."

    PERK_REMOVE_SUCCESS: "&2&lSuccessfully removed perk {PERK_NAME}."
    PERK_REMOVE_NOTFOUND: "&c&lCould not find perk {PERK_NAME}."

    PERK_BUY_SUCCESSFULL: "&2&lSuccessfully bought perk {PERK_NAME}."
    PERK_BUY_INSUFFICIENTFUNDS: "&c&lYou have insufficient funds to buy this perk."
    PERK_BUY_UNLOCKED: "&e&lYou have already unlocked this perk."

    PLUGIN_RELOAD_SUCCESS: "&2&lSuccessfully reloaded all config files."

    GUI_TITLE: "&6&lPermission Shop - Page {PAGE_NUMBER}"
    GUI_PAGE_NEXT: "&3&lNext"
    GUI_PAGE_PREVIOUS: "&3&l Previous"
    GUI_PAGE_CLOSE: "&4&lClose"
    GUI_PERK_PRICE: "&2&lPrice: ${PRICE}"

    GUI_REMOVE_CLICK: "&4&lClick to remove!"
    GUI_REMOVE_TITLE: "&4&lPermission Removal! - Page {PAGE_NUMBER}"

    • GroupManager
    • PermissionsEx
    • LuckPerms
    All other permissions managers have to be configured in the config.yml
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Recent Reviews

  1. ItzRebelYT
    Version: 2.4.0 BETA
    Great plugin, really like it.

    If only you could make it so you can use DeluxeMenus, to make your own menu with this, or if you could edit the menu for PermissionShop, would be very nice.

    Overall though, 5 stars! :thumbsup:
  2. Alry_FireBlade
    Version: 2.3.2 BETA
    The Plugin don't run on my Server. I put both jars i got from doanloading in my plugins folder and startet the server, but nothing happens. The Plugin isn't even listed at /pl.

    In the console there is nothing to find about this Plugin.

    (Minecraft Spigot 1.13.2)
    1. Tabuu
      Author's Response
      Hello Alry_FireBlade,

      I prefer issues being posted in the discussion tab of this resource.

      Support for 1.13.x has not been added to the plugin, as you can see at the top of this resource page. Nevertheless the plugin should still load as you can see in this screenshot, .

      Please remove this review since it does not contribute to the current content.
  3. FernPlayzYT
    Version: 2.3.2 BETA
    Great plugin and support! Works very well for me except in 1.13. The gui doesn't update when buying (unless you click another page or reopen it) and you don't get charged for it.
  4. FunnysBanana
    Version: 2.3.2 BETA
    This Plugin is very nice! You get fast support and its easy to configurate! Thanks Tabuu
  5. GameFreakBaree
    Version: 2.3.1 BETA
    NL: Goede plugin! Maar heb je echt TabuuCore nodig om de plugin te gebruiken?
    EN: Good Plugin! But do you really need TabuuCore to use this plugin?
    1. Tabuu
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the 5 star rating!

      TabuuCore manages: the economy, the configurations, the title api, 1.8 support and many more things.

      I wrote TabuuCore so I would not have to redo those things for every plugin and possibly make mistakes.

      Also almost all of my plugins run on TabuuCore, which do not only make the file size of the plugins smaller but also when a feature is updated I only need to update TabuuCore and not every single plugin.

      I hope this answers your questions.
  6. Sparryx
    Version: 2.3.1 BETA
    Excellent plugin, but it would be nice to add a function to link the permission shop to a NPC of Citizens, for RPG servers is better than a command accessible everywhere. But otherwise good job :)
    1. Tabuu
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the rating :). There are plugins that allow you to execute commands, but I can see if I can add native support for it.
  7. Eon101
    Version: 2.3.1 BETA
    Love the plugin and idea, you are an amazing developer and you should keep up this AMAZING work of yours
    1. Tabuu
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the 5 star review :D, I'll try my best to keep posting good plugins.
  8. FernPlayzYT
    Version: 2.1.3 BETA
    Amazing plugin! The idea is wonderful and pretty cool in my opinion. However there is a error when trying to run /pshop when there is no perks added. Also a little suggestion would be luckperms native support. It would also be cool if this worked with mysql, although I think there isn't much reason since the permission plugin already does this unless you want to track permissions. Anyways I hope to see more features to come from this, really great idea
    1. Tabuu
      Author's Response
      I am planning to add more permission managers to the native support. Also if you have ideas on how to improve the plugin or want to report a bug you can do so in the discussion tab of this plugin :D.
  9. ScienceCodeDE
    Version: 2.1.2 BETA

    Amazing Plugin, Good Idea, Good Config, ALL IS OK

    1. Tabuu
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the 5 stars. You also have some nice plugins yourself.
  10. KazMNF
    Version: 2.1 BETA
    no words amazing plugin
    1. Tabuu
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review :D.