PermissionsPlus plugin - Security Permissions management 1.5.7

alternative to PermissionsEx, PermissionsPlus, Permissions plugin, management permissions

  1. Nothing00
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    it is a very useful plugin for managing permissions, very similar to PermissionsEx, but with many more features!

    Java 8+

    Follow my tutorials on YouTube: Vita Da Founder


    Why download PermissionsPlus?
    - Advenced UUID Anti-exploit protection
    - Permissions can be activated and deactivated by means of a password
    - Deop on quit option
    - You can create lists of permissions to put more than one at a time
    - You can add one or more than one permissions to more than one group at the same time by a GUI
    - More precise and detailed configuration
    - You can find needed plugins permissions

    Many suggestions are welcome to make this plugin unique!


    Official tutorial: [ITA]

    if you are YouTuber make a tutorial and send me your link!

    Change from PermissionsEx to PermissionsPlus:

    - Install PermissionsPlus in your folder with PermissionsEx and PermissionsEx configuration.
    - execute by console /perm export command. Be sure that players are offline!
    - run /perm reload
    - remove PermissionsEx and restart server!
    - PermissionsPlus has been configurated!

    /permlock <password>
    | Set password for switch group permissions
    /permlock on <password> | switch-on group permissions
    /permlock off | switch-off group permissions
    /perm createlist <list> | Create a list of permissions
    /perm deletelist <list> | Delete a list of permissions
    /perm <list> addperm <perm> | Add permission to list
    /perm <list> removeperm <perm> | Remove permission to list
    /perm reload | Reload PermissionsPlus plugin
    /permuser | list of user in yml configuration
    /permuser <user> | Info about user
    /permuser <user> addgroup <group> | Add user to group
    /permuser <user> addgroup <group> timed <s:m:h> | Add user to temporary group
    /permuser <user> removegroup <group> | Add user to group
    /permuser <user> addperm <perm/list:listname> | Add permission to user
    /permuser <user> addperm <perm/list:listname> timed <s:m:h> | Add temporary permission to user
    /permuser <user> removeperm <perm/list:listname> | Remove permission from user
    /permuser <user> addperm <perm/list:listname> <world> | Add permission to user in specific world
    /permuser <user> removeperm <perm/list:listname> <world> | Remove permission from user in specific world
    /permuser <user> prefix <prefix> | Set prefix to user
    /permuser <user> suffix <prefix> | Set suffix to user
    /permgroup create <group> | Create a group
    /permgroup delete <group> | Delete a group
    /permgroup setdefault <group> | Set group as default group
    /permgroup <group> addperm <perm/list:listname> | Add permission to group
    /permgroup <group> addperm <perm/list:listname> timed <s:m:h> | Add temporary permission to group
    /permgroup <group> removeperm <perm/list:listname> | Remove permission from group
    /permgroup <group> removeperm <perm/list:listname> <world> | Remove permission from group in specific world
    /permgroup <group> addperm <perm/list:listname> <world> | Add permission to group in specific world
    /permgroup <group> suffix <suffix> | Set suffix to group
    /permgroup <group> prefix <prefix> | Set prefix to group
    /permgroupgui addperm <perm/list:listname> | Add permission to more than one group
    /permgroupgui removeperm <perm/list:listname> | Remove permission to more than one group
    /permgroup <group> find <regex> | Search permissions group that match with regex
    /permuser <user> find <regex> | Search permissions user that match with regex
    /perm finder | Enable/Disable permissions finder, if enable you see permissions needed to performa action/operation
    /permrank create <category> <firstgroup>| Create rank category
    /permrank delete <category> | Remove existing category
    /permrank addgroup <category> <group1,group2,group3> | Add groups by order to category
    /permrank removegroup <category> <group> | Remove group from category
    /permu promote <user> | Set user in his next rank
    /permu demote <user> | Set user in his previous rank

    perm.reload - Permission to reload plugin
    perm.list - Permission to manage lists
    perm.list.create - Permission to create list
    perm.list.delete - Permission to delete list
    perm.list.addperm - Permission to add permission to a list
    perm.list.removeperm - Permission to remove permission to a list - Permission to views commands lists - Permission to use /permgroup command - Permission to add a permission to a group - Permission to add temporary permission to a group - Permission to remove a permission to a group - Permission to add a permission to a group in specific world - Permission to remove a permission from a group in specific world - Permission to add prefix to group - Permission to add suffix to group
    perm.user - Permission to use /permuser command
    perm.user.addgroup - Permission to add an user to groups
    perm.user.addgroup.timed - Permission to add an user to temporary groups
    perm.user.removegroup - Permission to remove an user to groups
    perm.user.addperm - Permission to add a permission to an user
    perm.user.addperm.timed - Permission to add temporary permission to an user
    perm.user.removeperm - Permission to remove a permission to an user - Permission to add a permission to an user in specific world - Permission to remove a permission to an user in specific world
    perm.user.prefix - Permission to set prefix to an user
    perm.user.suffix - Permission to set suffix to an user - Permission to use groups GUI - Permission to add a permission using groups GUI - Permission to remove a permission using groups GUI - Permission use regex searching on group
    perm.user.finder - Permission use regex searching on user
    perm.finder - Permission use /perm finder command - Permission to set group as default group
    perm.user.promote - Permission to use /perm promote
    perm.user.demote - Permission to use /perm demote
    perm.category - Permission to manage category
    perm.category.create - Permission to create rank category
    perm.category.delete - Permission to delete a rank category
    perm.category.addgroup - Permission to add group to category
    perm.category.removegroup - Permission to remove group from category
    perm.lockable - This permission must be given to all the groups that you want to password protect using /permlock on <password>

    Code (YAML):

    #                                         #
    #        Plugin made by Nothing00         #
    #                                         #

    # Permissions
    # perm.reload
    # perm.list
    # perm.list.create
    # perm.list.delete
    # perm.list.addperm
    # perm.list.removeperm
    # perm.user
    # perm.user.addgroup
    # perm.user.removegroup
    # perm.user.addperm
    # perm.user.removeperm
    # perm.user.prefix
    # perm.user.suffix
    # perm.lockable

    # if enable the groups that have perm.lockable permissions ask player in group to set a password.
     # when a player quit from server and is in a locked group and have set a password on re-join he will be have
     # default permissions and will must type /permlock on <password> to receive permissions group
    : false
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7set a password for active your permissions on re-join. Use &e/permlock <password>'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Your are in more than one group. For use this you must be only in one group!'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7You can''t lock default group!'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7to switch-on your permissions group type &e/permlock on <password>'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7to switch-off your permissions group type &e/permlock off'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Permissions group received!'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Now you have default permissions!'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Password must be have more than 4 characters!'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Password succefully updated!'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Wrong Password!'
     # this prevent exploit bug for UUID
    : false
    : '&cYou are denied from our server for using UUID exploit!'
     # if is true if a player is opped and quit deop him
    : false
     # set this to true if you want that only op player can use all PermissionsPlus commands
    : false

    # if you use permissions finder choose if you want to see permissions that you already have.
    : true

    # message to send user on demote or promote
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Congratuliations! You are now'
    : '&9PermissionsPlus> &7Sorry, but you have been demoted'

    # create a permissions list to add to group or users using list:namelist
    : {}
    Code (YAML):
    : true
       - modifyworld.*
    : {}

    Contact for information or tips: [email protected]

Recent Reviews

  1. McMeme821
    Version: 1.5.7
    Весьма полезный плагин, прекрасно заменяющий PermissionsEx. Удобный, есть все необходимое без лишних функций
  2. GoT_HiM
    Version: 1.5.7
    Useless plugin, full of nonsense features (eg UUID Anti-exploit ???). The good is that it's an abandoned plugin at the very least.
  3. DeathWeCrave
    Version: 1.5.7
    Please submit a doc or something where all placeholder can be found it i s very difficult and I cannot add prefixes without them.
  4. SurvCraft2003
    Version: 1.5.7
    Working on 1.13 without bugs?
    Please fast answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      I don't know but you should test all functions for me and notify to me all bugs for updating plugin to 1.13, my email is on the page or you can write me a PM
  5. Carkal07
    Version: 1.5.7
    Salve, sono da poco diventato founder di un server, e devo dire che la tua serie di plugin (MainMC e PermissionsPlus) mi sta piacendo molto, la trovo comodo e un'ottima alternativa ai classici plugin... Complimenti stai facendo un ottimo lavoro.
  6. McWarriors
    Version: 1.5.7
    Bel Plugin nothing! Solo aggiungi il permesso "perm.*" perchè altrimenti non posso darmi tutti i permessi per il plugin
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      esiste già...
  7. tucaofeng
    Version: 1.5.7
    EXCELLENT.But could you add support for exporting data from GroupManagerPlus(Another plugin managing permission)
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      I will try
  8. ThatsAndrea
    Version: 1.5.6
    Plugin fantastico, lo amo.
    Però vorrei sapere come posso mettere il gruppo in cui sta l'utente nella board... prima con l'altro plugin mettevo nella board Rank: {group} e mi dava il gruppo in cui si trovava... con PermissionsPlus non funziona...
    Se risolvi lascio le 5 stelle :D
    1. Nothing00
      Author's Response
      devi chiedere a chi ha creato il plugin se implementa la placeholder per permissionsplus tramite le API
  9. zNikke
    Version: 1.5.6
    This plugin is the best plugin of Permissions... when you will implements MySQL support for bungeecord this plugin will be unique in all world you are a genius!!!
  10. zMarkHD_
    Version: 1.5.6
    It's a good plugin for the permissions ! Good job Nothing00 ! You are a nice Developer !