Personal Difficulty 2.0

A difficulty for everyone from the best fighter to a first time player

  1. trickyboy07
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    AceOfSpades2(Main coder) Trickyboy07(ideas man and social media team)
    Personal Difficulties is new Minecraft 1.17 plugin that allows the user to have five profiles each with separate difficulties. players will have the option of 5 set difficulties each with different up/downgrades which are:

    -PVP is disabled
    -12 hearts by default
    -All mobs are neutral by default
    -Mobs do 1.5x less damage
    -Villager trades buffed
    -Default XP gain

    -PVP is disabled
    -10 hearts by default
    -Mobs do 1.5x less damage
    -Villagers default
    -Default XP gain

    -PVP is disabled
    -10 hearts by default
    -Mobs do 1x damage
    -Villagers default
    -Default XP gain

    -PVP is disabled
    -10 hearts by default
    -Mobs 1.5x more damage
    -Villagers default
    -1.5x less XP gain

    Super hard:
    -Can get damaged by other super hard difficulty players
    (can be changed by turning of PVP)
    -8 hearts by default
    -Mobs do 2x damage
    -villagers won't trade
    -2x less XP gain[​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    The Plugin is FREE and is accepting donations to help fund future projects

    Donate Link:[email protected]&no_recurring=0&item_name=Funding+Future+Plugins+and+projects&currency_code=GBP
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  1. Habermann
    Version: 2.0
    I loved it, but I have suggestions for things that need to be in the urgent plugin!

    - change everything in the config
    - set permissions for each type of difficulty
    - define and block commands for each type of difficulty
    - cooldown to change difficulty
    - permission to change difficulty
    - Please continue supporting 1.16
    1. trickyboy07
      Author's Response
      let me go through some of these suggestions:

      if you mean be able to edit each difficulty ups and downs its done in a GUI /customise

      ill see what the devs think

      I personally don't understand this but the devs probably will so ill get them to read it

      I personally would love this feature

      do you mean make it a permission for people to be able to change difficulty like the /changedifferculty command if so I do kinda agree

      unfortunately atm 1.16 seems to be buggy as when we tried it there was weird inventory bugs and shield bugs although that could of been the server so I would love to know if you experienced any of this
  2. Rayrnond
    Version: 2.0
    The code quality is not good. Over 6k lines for such a small plugin, holy cow. I recommend you work on your coding experience before making a public plugin people will use. Use this review to learn from, I will update it after you fix your 6k lines of code down to <400 lines
    1. trickyboy07
      Author's Response
      true but it works doesn't it this is our way of learning how to code more and more :)
  3. mags9129
    Version: 1.5
    pros cons

    5 profile with different invitros
    5 unnick dicalltys
    from noob to pro
    easy install to server
    no extr plugin need
    1.17 only
    will be using this on my school server
  4. PurrfectMistake_
    Version: 1.5
    Haven't tested this yet.. but I love the concept and I can really use this! I have a few suggestions though; You could make so each difficulty has different mob "natural" spawnrates around the player as they're playing the game. Also, maybe add a cooldown timer to stop people from changing difficulties / profiles.

    Big props to the developer. If one day you decide to abandon this project, I'd happily take it over for you if you'd let me. Until / If that happens, i'll use this plugin.

    One question though ~ Do Easy and above difficulties allow PVP? It doesn't really specify it on the resource description. Keep up the great work bud.
    1. trickyboy07
      Author's Response
      hello thanks for the support! let me answer some questions
      i love the idea of changing the spawnrates and is something i might look into thanks for the suggestion,and yes the cooldown is in the works and finally so if the server has pvp enabled yes easy up to hard shouldnt be able to pvp but super hard can if pvp is off no one can fight!
  5. notashelf
    Version: 1.5
    Pretty solid plugin to help accommodate all kinds of players out there.
    Be it a large public server or a small friend server, you can find a way to fit this in. 10/10
    1. trickyboy07
      Author's Response
      wow thanks so much
  6. MarkingMonkey48
    Version: 1.5
    This is an amazing mod and very useful :) it is good for my server because its on easy and there are a lot more mobs that easy should have and this helps thanks Trickyboy07
    1. trickyboy07