Personal Healer - [Skript] 0.1

Great perk to give to your supporters

  1. DatGuyAustin

    Personal Healer is a Skript I've created with some help to make it into a great donor perk. When you give the permission to one of your players it will spawn a priest villager on that player for and if he has the correct permission than he can right click the villager to heal him for 5 hearts. This is a lightweight plugin that doesn't take up much space since we use Skript to run it.

    ✩ Commands/Permissions:
    /phealer - healer.create
    healer.use - to use villager

    ✓ Compatability:
    1.7+ working
    1.8+ working

    ✗ Issues/Problems:

    ☆ Suggestions: