Personal Warps 2.2

A Simple, Lightweight Plugin That Allows Players to Create Custom Warps.

  1. Kovi_Gaming
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Personal Warps

    This is simply a plugin that allows players with the correct permissions to set their own warps. It is recommended to give all players the ability to only set a warp with their own username, but that's easily changed with permissions.

    • /pwarp [arg1] [arg2*]
      • set [name*] - Simply sets a warp at the current location.
        • warps.set - Ability to set personal warp (Username)
        • warps.set.others - Ability to set a warp with any name
      • warp (name) - Teleport to the given warp
      • list - Lists Personal Warps
      • del [name*] - Deletes your Personal Warp
        • warps.del.others - Ability to delete other player's warps

    Note: This was made in about an hour by someone who can kinda code. This shouldn't be implemented in a server where this is a detrimental plugin
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