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Per-player PVP

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    PersonalPVP - A plugin for everyone.

    V 1.3 |[ Discord Support ]

    PersonalPVP provides each player with their own PVP option and protects players who would not like to participate in PVP.
    Every player is given their own PVP status and can decide whether or not to participate in PVP.
    You can even let players keep their items and/or xp if they were killed in PVP.

    When one player has PVP enabled and attempts to attack a player who has PVP disabled (or vice-versa), no damage is dealt.
    If they threw a projectile (by shooting an arrow from a bow or throwing a trident at the player) or a splash potion, the projectile will be returned to the "shooter's" inventory if one of the players had PVP disabled.
    If you're enjoying the plugin, please leave a rating and review below!

    Highly configurable!
    Read the config: config.yml

    I have thoroughly tested this plugin myself.
    If you do find a problem, please let me know)! (Preferably through github or Discord).

    For any questions or suggestions, feel free to join the plugin's official discord server!

    Command labels, aliases and permissions can be modified in commands.yml.

    Basic Command List
    /pvp - Toggle PVP (for self).
    /togglebar - Toggle the actionbar (for self).
    /pvpcontrol - Quick action personal and admin text panels (configurable!).
    /pvpother [...] - Control PVP for other players.
    /pvpresetplayer [player] - Reset PVP for a certain player (can be offline!).
    /pvplist - List players with non-default PVP statuses.
    /reloadpvp - Reload config.
    /pvphelp - Self explanatory.
    /pvplocktoggle [player] - Toggle a player's lock (lock or unlock their PVP status)
    /pvplockofflinetoggle [player] - Toggle an offline player's lock (lock or unlock their PVP status)
    /pvplockstatus [player] - Check whether an online player has PVP locked.

    /pvphelp - List PersonalPVP commands, descriptions & aliases.
    Default Permission:
    /reloadpvp - Reload the config.yml.
    Default Permission: personalpvp.reload
    /pvp - Toggle your personal PVP status.
    Default Permission: personalpvp.togglepvp
    /togglebar - Toggle actionbar visibility.
    Default Permission: personalpvp.toggleactionbar

    /pvpcontrol - Access personal PVP options. Admin options are displayed to those with personalpvp.pvpcontrol.admin.
    /pvpcontrol resetglobal - Reset every changed PVP status to default. This resets offline players too. Requires personalpvp.pvpcontrol.admin.

    /pvpcontrol mystatus - Display your own PVP status.

    /pvpcontrol toggleme - Toggle your own PVP status. (Identical to /pvp).

    Default Permissions:

    - Personal settings: personalpvp.pvpcontrol
    - Advanced settings: personalpvp.pvpcontrol.admin

    /pvpother <operation> <player> - player must be online.
    /pvpother reset - Reset a player's PVP status to the default value (as configured in config.yml).
    /pvpother toggle - Toggle a player's PVP status.
    /pvpother status - Fetch a player's PVP status.
    /pvpother enable|disable - Enable/disable PVP for a player.
    Default Permission: personalpvp.pvpother

    /pvplist - List every player (including offline players) who has PVP toggled from the default setting.
    Default Permission: personalpvp.listpvp

    /pvpperms - List PersonalPVP permissions.
    Default Permission: personalpvp.listpermissions


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