PersonalSafes 1.0.0

Craftable, passcode-protected vaults with a snazzy GUI

  1. Avixk
    This plugin adds placeable vaults to your server that can be opened with a passcode or key. They are indestructible but they come at a hefty price. Players can also share their passcode with friends so the vaults can be used by multiple people.

    • Open with a passcode or key
    • Cannot be broken with explosions or by non-owners
    • Simple crafting
    • Snazzy GUI
    • Configurable messages
    • Admin passcode to open safes and see who placed them
    • Breakable with password
    • Drops contents when broken

    Test Servers
    • Will add more soon

    Safe Tutorial
    First of all, the crafting:
    To craft this, you will need 7 iron blocks, a comparator, and iron bars. Place the iron in a 'C' shape with the comparator in the middle and iron bars on the side and BAM! you have a safe.

    To use the safe, you will first place it on the ground, once you do this, it will tell you your new safe's passcode.
    Right-click your safe and it will show a GUI with a bunch of confusing buttons. Never fear! I have a diagram to show you what they do:

    When you place your safe, you want to change the passcode to something you can remember. To do this, right-click your safe and type the passcode that you were given, but do not click the green button. You then need to click the iron bars and enter a NEW passcode that you want to use. Click the green button to save the passcode and exit the safe.

    If you don't want to keep typing your passcode, you can type it once and then click the "get key" button to get a key you can use on your safe. When you get a key, you can right click your safe with the key to open it!

    Thanks to Twisted_Gaming for making this video about the plugin!
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    Version: 1.0.0
    A very user friendly plugin! I will definitely be putting this on my faction server!
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    Version: 1.0.0
    Great plugin!
  3. RyanPVP
    Version: 1.0.0
    Great plugin, but can you move everything keypad related up one inventory space? It would look a lot nicer if you did :)
  4. dyenxunit
    Version: 1.0.0