PerWorldChat XII

Separates In-Game chat by world. (Tested on 1.16.3)

  1. Its404
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Key Features
    • Prevents users from separate/unlinked worlds from seeing chat messages.
    • Tested on Paper 1.16.3
    • Likely works on many other versions.

    Please leave a review after testing the plugin, it helps me push useful updates and fix bugs! Thanks!

    • Description: Broadcasts a message across all worlds.​
    • Usage: /global <message>​
    • Permission Node:​

Recent Updates

  1. Update XII
  2. Update XI

Recent Reviews

  1. Gripblue3
    Version: XII
    The plugin works correctly for paper 1.16.4, the only problem I have is with the / global command
    Very good plugin, thx
    1. Its404
      Author's Response
      What is wrong with the /global command?
      Thanks for the review by the way :)
  2. LyriansMC
    Version: XII
    The only plug-in there is for MC-1.16. Please update any bugs I send you for discussion.