PerWorldChatPlus 2015-12-03


  1. HenkDeKipGaming
    Version 1.0

    This plugin will seperate the chat from all worlds.
    People will only be able to speak with each other if they are in the same world
    The plugin does not need any setup or configuration.
    It is easy and just works straight away!

    - Per world chat
    - Prefixes still work!
    - Compatible with Multiverse!

    Upcoming features:
    - Permission for players to chat over all chats
    - Permission for players to see all the chats
    - Chat range per world

    How does it work?
    Watch This video to see how it works!
    Thanks for downloading! Leave a comment about what I should add!

Recent Reviews

  1. tstijmen
    Version: 2015-12-03
    Fijne plug !
    Mischien kan je ook PerWorldTablist erbij doen ??
  2. Jordy1265
    Version: 2015-12-03
    Goede plugin ga zo door Echt een hele goede plugin voeg wel chatradius van 25 blokken toe :D Is wel handig
    1. HenkDeKipGaming
      Author's Response
      Dat zit in mijn nieuwe plugin!