PerWorldWarps 1.1

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    GiraffeKnee, BootyCrafter

    PLUGIN CREATED BY: GiraffeKnee
    Sponsored by: SomeSkyblock
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    PerWorldWarps is a 'Warp' plugin similar to the Essentials Plugin's warps that allows servers to have warps with the same names, but in different worlds. For example, if I wanted to warp to 'pvp' in the Factions world, then I would do /warp pvp (while in Factions), but if I was in Towny and I wanted to warp to the Factions world 'pvp' warp it wouldn't let me, unless there was a warp named 'pvp' in Towny it would teleport me there.
    Per warp permissions.
    Same name warps in different worlds (example: Warp 'a' in Factions and Warp 'a' in Towny world)
    Ability to create, set, and remove warps.
    Ability to give players the ability to create, set, and remove warps.
    Displays plugin help.
    /perworldwarps reload
    Reloads the config.yml, and warps.yml.
    permission: pww.reload
    Lists all of the warps in your world.
    permission: pww.list
    /warp <name>
    Teleports you to the given warp (if it exists in your world).
    permission: pww.use.<world>.<name>
    /setwarp <name>
    Creates a warp named <name>, or sets the existing warp named <name> to your location.
    permissions: pww.setwarp
    /deletewarp <name>
    Deletes the warp named <name> in your world (if it exists).
    permission: pww.deletewarp
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Recent Reviews

  1. BrunoAvixdubSB
    Version: 1.1
    the plugin does not allow to add another world if they can add that will be better because this is useless