Pesos 5.5

Standalone economy and shop plugin for 1.16

  1. UniqueName400
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    • 1.16
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    This is a simple economy plugin for 1.16.


    /peso withdraw <amount> <denomination>
    /withdraw <amount> <denomination>

    The amount is the amount of the denomination. If a denomination is not specified, the denomination will be 1.

    /peso deposit

    Deposits your hand
    • paper cheques
    • player-head money
    • diamonds (20 pesos each)

    /peso balance

    Displays the amount of pesos you have stored

    /peso helpbook

    Gives you a helpful book


    Shops are created by renaming a chest in an anvil to:
    PesoShop <x>
    where <x> is the cost per slot

    PesoShops can only be broken by the owner and admins. They are explosion and hopper-proof.

    Admin Stuff
    all admin commands are prefaced with /peso and do not tab-complete.
    /peso AdminOverride
    Allows you to take items from PesoShops and destroy PesoShops

    /peso AdminSetDenomination
    Don't use this unless you read through the source code

    The version number is high because I originally made this for my friend's Minecraft server, and I made a lot of changes.
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