Pesos 5.5

Standalone economy and shop plugin for 1.16

  1. Bug Fixes

    Fixed string index error when placing a chest named
    "PesoShop" and nothing else

    Players can no longer deposit after 2,147,483,647 pesos, because that would cause their account to overflow into a negative number.
  2. Fixed small error

    Removed error when opening chests with small names


    string.length()>8 && string.substring(0,8).equalsIgnoreCase("PesoShop")

    instead of just

  3. Security Update

    When a shulker box PesoShop is dispensed, the first person to open it will become the new owner.

    If a PesoShop is accidentally removed from the shops.yml, the first one to open it will become the new owner.

    Invalid PesoShops will have their names changed to reflect their invalidity

    Shulker box PesoShops cannot be broken by pistons.

    Not new:
    Hopper do not interact with PesoShops.
    Hopper PesoShops do not interact with inventories.
    Hopper PesoShops will pick up dropped items...
  4. Bug fixes [IMPORTANT]

    In the drag event, I had == instead of .equals, causing the event to be cancelled when it wasn't supposed to. (fixed)

    In the click event, I had != instead of == (big issue). This causes players to buy items from their OWN inventory. (fixed)
  5. Everything is a shop

    All containers can now be shops! - double chests not included
    (be careful with droppers, dispensers, and stuff like that)

    You can no longer steal from a shop by turning it into a double chest
    You can now drag in your inventory in a shop gui
  6. Logic Fix and Config Support

    The price now can be changed the config and the change will be reflected in the corresponding chest's name.

    Also fixed some logic. I don't know it worked before.
  7. Protect Money

    Money will actually not place on the ground. There was a bug in the eventhandler making it return when the item is not a chest, but I fixed it and it is good now.
  8. Small Update

    Removed unnecessary if statement for helpbook command. It has been lumped in with the other commands (withdraw, deposit, balance).