pEssentials 1.0

All the essentials for a prison server

  1. YoItsJimby
    [​IMG] I made this plugin so prison/jail server owners can have what they have been looking for and this was a private plugin I made for a client. It has many features to make it less hard on you to add using essentials and other plugins, so it removes worries. read below to see all features.
    • /cc clears chat
    • /block converts all gems in your inventory into blocks
    • /nv gives you night vision for when it gets dark
    • Fortune Blocks drops multiple random amount of iron gold diamond emerald lapis redstone and coal blocks
    • Autosmelt when mining iron or gold ore it drops the ingot
    • No loss of hunger
    • Join and get teleported to spawn
    • Custom join and leave messages
    • When a player says your name it alerts you
    • No fall damage any where
    • Removes suffocation damage
    • pessentials.clearchat (permission to clearchat)
    Future Addons
    • Customizable prefix
    • Autopickup
    • Many more commands
    Feedback is needed
    • Comment if you have any ideas on what to add fix or on bugs

Recent Reviews

  1. TotalDev
    Version: 1.0
    Great Plugin! I use it on my server currently!
  2. jamieduke
    Version: 1.0
    Jimby, you have stolen this plugin from IronNetwork. Its not exactly "private".
    In future, please dont steal plugins from other servers.
    1. YoItsJimby
      Author's Response
      that's funny that its not accually so don't say stuff when its not even true ...