PetsPlus 1.5.2

Interactive pets for your players

  1. 1.5.2: Fix moving between worlds

    This release prevents the plugin from spamming the console with errors if a player switches worlds/dimensions with a pet spawned in.
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  2. Fix NoClassDefFoundError

    This update fixes some "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" errors.
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  3. Release 1.5.0

    NOTE: This update changes the config.yml almost entirely. It is recommended you delete your current config.yml and let it regenerate.

    Bee, Iron Golem, Fox, Cat, Wolf and Polar Bear added

    All of the above entity types have been added as pets. If you are running a Minecraft version which does not support one of the entity types, it is simply skipped during loading.

    Adult/baby system improved
    Instead of having two seperate pets for the adult and baby version of each...
  4. Release 1.4.0

    Double the number of pets!
    This release doubles the number of available pets. Each pet type now also has a baby variant.

    Cross-version compatibility
    The plugin is now compatible with all versions 1.13-1.16, because it makes use of reflection instead of using NMS directly.

    Full changelog
    - Add baby pets
    - Switch to reflection
    - Update GUI
    - Tweaked (default) messages
  5. 1.16 update

    This update makes the plugin compatible with ONLY Spigot 1.16.1, along with a few other things (see the changelog below).

    What to expect in the future:
    * Compatibility with all versions 1.13 and up
    * Ability to control pets when riding them (may require ProtocolLib)
    * More regular updates!

    * Made plugin compatible with 1.16
    * Added mushroom pet
    * Added remove option to rightclick-menu
    * Made adjustments to default config
    * Made /petsplus open the pet menu when a pet is equipped,...