PetZ 1.1

Happy little Pets jumping around their owners

  1. Ignirion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.15
    Languages Supported:
    English, German

    These PetZ will follow you on your journeys and will gain XP and level-up.
    Leveling-up will allow your PetZ to gain certain skills and characteristics and at some point you will be even able to ride your PetZ.

    2018-06-02_20.45.59.png 2018-06-02_20.54.58.png 2018-06-02_21.53.55.png pebbel.png


    /PetZ [autospawn]
    When first executing the command you will see a menu in which you can
    choose your PetZ.


    If you have chosen a PetZ executing the command will either summon
    your PetZ or when already summoned it will open an OptionMenu.


    Using this menu you can rename your PetZ using the nametag and if its
    level is high enough ride it. You can toggle auto-spawning, which if enabled
    automatically summons your PetZ when joining the server. Or you can
    remove your PetZ. But down worry you can always summon your little
    follower using /PetZ.

    • petz.all
      Will allow players to use the "/petz"-command and interact with their PetZ.

    Skills and Traits:

    When leveling your pet has the chance to gain or lose characteristics.
    The probabilities this are adjustable in the config. (See configuration section)
    These characteristics change the behavior of your pet around certain blocks.
    Available characteristics are:
    • Fear Sand
      Your pet fears sand and tries to avoid it.
    • Fear Snow
      Similar to Fear Sand but with Snow instead of Sand.
    • Fear Wool
      Similar to Fear Sand but with Wool instead of Sand.
    • Greediness
      Your pet sometimes steals food out of your inventory.
    • Like Water
      If your pet sees water it tries to jump into it and swim.
    Sometimes your pet will bring you "presents". These presents will be either rotten flesh, dirt, sand, a string, a bone, a stick, a raw fish or even a rose.
    This feature can be disabled in the config. (See configuration section)

    When your pet levels up to level 5 you will be able to ride your pet.

    Everytime your pet levels up it will get a bit faster.


    To config this plugin you want to edit the "config.yml"-file inside of the "PetZ"-folder.
    After first starting the plugin your "config.yml" will look something like this:


    In the following paragraph the different settings will be explained:
    • vaildWorlds
      This is a list of the worldnames you want your players to be able to summon their pet.
    • coolDownTime
      This value is the time in milliseconds that your pet idles between jumping when reacting according to their characteristics.
    • jumpScareMultiplyer
      This value defines the sizes of the jumps your pet does when reacting according to their characteristics.
    • gainCharacteristicChance
      This value is the probability of gaining a new characteristic on leveling-up.
    • loseCharacteristicChance
      This value is the probability of losing a new characteristic on leveling-up.
    • foodGreedyTime
      This value is the expected time in seconds your pet will idle before once again stealing food if it's characteristics tell it to do so. (See Skills and Traits section)
    • particleCount
      This value determines the number of particles that spawn when your pet reacts according to it's characteristics.
    • retrieving
      This either enables or disables the retrieving-feature. (See Skills and Traits section)
    • language
      This value defines the language file. Per default you have the option to choose between "en_US" and "de_DE".
    You can edit all messages of the plugin in the language file you choose, either "en_US.json" or "de_DE.json".

    If you have questions or problems feel free to ask. And make sure to leave a rating.

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  1. lol20009
    Version: 1.1
    Can you create a pets trading system? For example, buy their eggs, and when they hatch you get a pet.
  2. kacperleague9
    Version: 1.1
    Doesn't work on 1.12.2 can you update it?.......... My dsc is kaspian#8508 feel free to message
  3. DemonMugen
    Version: 1.1
    Good Pet plugin, but the pet ability just ride the pet, please add combat system to the pet , and add player with specific permission can change their pet. One more, add configuration to make new pet.
  4. Crybby
    Version: 1.1
    It seems like a decent plugin but I keep having a problem where when I go to select a pet it just gives me the head, please help...
    1. Ignirion
      Author's Response
  5. Tekila
    Version: 1.0
    Nice plugin but needing more informations and a reload command ;)
    Waiting for next update :D
    1. Ignirion
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words. A reload-command is a good idea and will definitely be part of the next update. A more detailed description will be available in the next few days.