PhantomCompatChat 1.1

Vanilla chat that's compatible with administrative vanish/phantom plugins

  1. RoboMWM
    Did you know that you can get a list of all actual players on the server by using tab-complete with the vanilla /tell command? This will show all players, even those that are vanished! While it may be possible to intercept the tab-complete packet and remove those who are vanished in the tab-complete list, I decided to write a very small plugin that replicates vanilla's /tell command.

    By default, plugins will not send administratively-hidden players when sending a tab-complete list to the player. Obviously, this plugin is of no use to you if you use a private message management plugin like EssentialsChat.

    There is no configuration, and one permission (phantomcompatchat.tell), which is given by default (similar to vanilla).

    If you decide to use this plugin, I would advise negating the following permissions as such in your permissions manager:
    Code (Text):
    - -minecraft.command.tell
    (There is also bukkit.command.tell, but it doesn't seem to do anything.) Doing this will prevent players from finding a way to access the vanilla command, fully preventing the command from being used to tab-complete the list of players.

    Note: vanilla behavior isn't 100% replicated in the console (regarding content of error messages), but I doubt that's a concern.

    PhantomAdmin (Note: PhantomAdmin has already implemented a solution to fix this. There is no need to use PhantomCompatChat if you use PhantomAdmin.)

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