PhantomSMP v1.1.1

Better Phantom handling for SMP

  1. PhantomSMP v1.1.1

    Version Triple-1!

    • Updated bStats
    • Fixed bStats statistic field names
    • Clean up Phantom tracking in unloaded chunks
    • Throw warning on Console when PlayerQuitEvent fires before PlayerJoinEvent happened
  2. PhantomSMP v1.1 Release

    This new release adds two new configuration options and two permission nodes.

    • New option remove-when-sleeping!
    • New option disallow-targeting-for! Suggested by Finelarme9.
    • New permission phantomsmp.disallowspawn! Suggested by En_0t_S....
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  3. v1.0.2 - Fix Plugin Load While Players Are Online

    When reloading plugin (using PlugMan for example), the plugin throws errors and does not work for existing players. This update fixes that issue.
  4. v1.0.1 - Phantom Death Fix

    Phantom death did not yield death animation and experience orbs. This release fixes that issue.