PhantomWorlds ~ (for 1.7.x - 1.16.x) 1.1.0

A plugin that allows administrators to create, manage and teleport to whatever worlds they wish.

  1. lokka30
    PhantomWorlds is a plugin that allows administrators to create, manage and teleport to whatever worlds they wish.

    After being unable to find a barely functioning world management plugin that works, I decided to spend a handful of hours working on this plugin.

    PhantomWorlds is pretty basic in functionality - on purpose. The plugin allows you to create, unload, list, teleport and work with the spawnpoint of any world you specify.
    This is also why PhantomWorlds doesn't contain any bloat. No crazy features you don't need.


    Create, manage and teleport to any world on your server.

    Here's how she turned out :)

    List all loaded worlds.

    Experimenting with more settings -- 'flat' world type!

    Set and teleport to each spawn point of a world.

    Unload worlds so that you can delete them without stopping your server.

    Of course, you can create worlds with custom generators from other plugins - such as void worlds, as the image above shows :)

    Tab completion on everything, so the experience is far more user friendly.

    Oh, and the configuration files, they're pretty good too! Every chat message is customisable and translatable, so, for example, if you wanted the messages in Spanish or if you wanted to change the prefix, it's all in your hands.

    • Teleport to worlds on your server
    • Create new worlds in one command, with optional settings for
      • world type (normal, superflat, large biomes, amplified)
      • generator (e.g. if you had a void world generator installed)
      • seed (e.g. 123456)
      • generate structures (true / false - should the world generate structures such as villages?)
    • You can create worlds that already exist on your server to import them.
    • Unload worlds so that you can delete them.
      • Kicks players that are on that world when it is unloaded.
    • List loaded worlds.
    • Tab-completion and suggestions for all of the commands, so that they're seamless to use.
    • Every chat message is customisable and translatable.
    • Built tough without any bloat - designed to last, not to break
    • Permissions for each command so you can regulate what your staff members can do.
    • Open source!
    • All chat messages are editable with color code support too.

    The following Minecraft versions have been tested with this plugin with the following results:
    • 1.16.x: works perfectly.

    The following Minecraft versions have not been tested with this plugin - it would be appreciated, if you have tested them, to report to me if any issues occured.
    • 1.7.x - 1.15.x (highly likely to work perfectly)


    I only provide technical support on the ArcanePlugins Discord Server.
    Please ensure that you have read the documentation before asking for help.

    Thanks to all the contributors for their work!
    • lokka30 - author and developer of the resource.
    • BtoBastian - creator of bStats

    For the generous lads out there that wish to donate - I've got a Patreon page (which gives Discord benefits) and also a PayPal page.

    I'm a senior high school student, so finding the time to develop these resources isn't all that easy. Making plugins that other server owners and their users can enjoy is just a hobby, and it takes a considerable chunk out of my free time - it's just the nature of my high standards for every resource I post, free and premium.
    If you would be willing to support me in this endeavor (for it makes very little return to me), as little or as much as you want, it would really mean so much to me.
    If you are unable to donate, 5 star reviews and kind comments are enough to put a smile on my face and keep me motivated to do this.
    Thank you so much. :)

    Click here to view all of the collected metrics!
    Via bStats, this plugin anonymously tracks basic things such as your server's version, which version of Java it is using, offline/online mode, etc. I use these statistics to benefit development.
    These statistics are to no detriment to you at all, so I don't see why you would need to disable them.
    Anyways, after running the plugin at least once, go to the /plugins/bStats/config.yml file and disable it there.

    Licensed under GNU AGPL v3.0. Click here to view the license. By downloading and/or using the software, you agree to the license.

    I really appreciate feedback and criticism - it lets me know if the plugin is heading in the right direction.
    However, do not use the reviews section as means to get support. There's a discord server for that! :)

Recent Updates

  1. v1.1.0
  2. 1.0.14
  3. Minor bugfix

Recent Reviews

  1. Oathkeeper
    Version: 1.0.8-ALPHA b13
    Testing it out on my server; so far so good! All features appear to work as intended and haven't run into any issues. By far one of the smallest world managing plugins available even including the dependency. It does what it needs to do any nothing more to grind on a server's resources.
    1. lokka30
      Author's Response
      Excellent review, exactly as I hoped. I really appreciate your kindness and support Oathkeeper!