PhantomX 3.0.4

The ultimate suite of tools to meet your Phantom-related needs.

  1. Paddler
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13

    offers an incredible suite of tools to help your server embrace the new Phantom menace. This plugin gives you the ability to disable Phantom generation for specific players, usergroups, or users in Creative Mode. You can give your players the ability to see their own Phantom timer and know when they are rested or exhausted -- it's extremely handy and a fan favorite. You can give your staff permission to adjust the Phantom timers of your players; make them fully rested or make them exhausted. You can also view a list of players who are immune to Phantom spawning.

    Unlike other Phantom control plugins, PhantomX prevents Phantom generation for specific players. That means you won't have your staff inhibiting Phantom spawning by being too close to players in Survival.

    Here's what you need to know:

    Permissions (default: false)
    • phantom.suppress -- Suppresses phantom spawning for players with this permission.
    • phantom.admin -- Grants all permissions and suppression.
    • phantom.command.ptimer -- Allows a player to view their phantom timer.
    • phantom.command.ptimer.others -- Allows a player to view the phantom timer of others.
    • phantom.command.sleep -- Allows a player to instantly reset their phantom timer without a bed.
    • phantom.command.sleep.others -- Allows a player to instantly reset the phantom timer of another player without a bed. Use the "-all" parameter to affect all online players.
    • phantom.command.exhaust -- Allows a player to instantly become exhausted.
    • phantom.command.exhaust.others -- Allows a player to instantly exhaust another player. Use the "-all" parameter to affect all online players.
    • phantom.command.plist -- Allows a player to view the list of players who do not generate phantoms.
    • phantom.schedule.<schedule-name>.<world-name> -- If permission-based schedules are enabled in the config, then only users with schedule-specific permission are affected.
    • /ptimer or /ptimer <name> -- View phantom timer of self or others.
    • /px sleep or /px sleep <name> -- Refresh self or others.
    • /px exhaust or /px exhaust <name> -- Exhaust self or others.
    • /px players -- List immune players.
    • /phantomx -- View plugin version information. Admins can use the "reload" parameter to reload both the config and the locale. [aliases: px, phantom]
    • /px schedule [create, remove] - See schedule section below.
    • /px schedules - Returns a list of active schedules.
    To generate configuration files, simply start your server.
    Code (Text):
    To disable a message from being sent, clear the field ("") or set it to "NONE" (all caps).
    Code (Text):
    error-syntax="§4Incorrect syntax or usage."
    command-success="§2Operation complete."
    status-self-success="§7You are now ${status}§7."
    ptimer-self-exhausted-night="§cYou\\u0027re exhausted. §7Phantoms gather in the night."
    status-other-fail="§7Player §6${target}§7 does not generate phantoms."
    ptimer-self-rested="§aYou\\u0027re rested. §7You have §f${time}§7 before becoming exhausted."
    empty-schedule-list="§7There are no scheduled tasks currently running."
    error-permission="§4Insufficient permissions."
    status-self-fail="§7You do not generate phantoms."
    status-other-success="§7Player §6${target}§7 is now ${status}§7."
    empty-player-list="§7There are no immune players currently online."
    ptimer-self-exhausted-day="§cYou\\u0027re exhausted. §7Rest before nightfall to avoid the phantom onslaught."
    immunity-granted="§a${reason}\:§7 Phantom immunity granted."
    ptimer-other-rested="§7Player §6${target}§7 is §arested§7. They will become exhausted in §f${time}§7."
    ptimer-other-immune="§7Player §6${target}§7 is §bimmune§7."
    status-all-success="§7All non-immune players are now ${status}§7."
    status-target="§7You\\u0027ve been ${status}§7 by §6${executor}§7."
    error-console="§4This usage cannot be executed from the console."
    file-reload="§aConfiguration and locale reloaded. Ding dong."
    ptimer-self-immune="§bYou\\u0027re immune. §7Players with permission do not generate phantoms."
    refreshed-alert="§aYou\\u0027re feeling refreshed\!"
    immunity-revoked="§c${reason}\:§7 Phantom immunity revoked."
    ptimer-other-exhausted="§7Player §6${target}§7 is §cexhausted§7."
    error-player="§4Player not found."
    New Feature: Custom Schedules
    With custom schedules, you can make the server adjust the exhaustion levels of non-immune players based on the specific conditions set within your schedule. You can set as many as you'd like. Requires version 3.0.4+.

    Schedule Command Syntax
    • /px schedule
      • create
      • <name>
      • <world-name>
      • -worldtime <integer>
        • alias: -w
      • -frequency <integer>
        • alias: -f
      • -exhaustion <[+ / =]integer>
        • alias: -e
    • /px schedule
      • remove
      • <name>
      • <world-name>
    Code (Text):
    /px schedule create mysched world_the_end -w 12000 -f 200 -e +450
    This schedule will begin at a world time of 12000 and occur every 200 ticks. It will further exhaust all non-immune players in The End by 450 relative to their current exhaustion each time it activates. World time must be between 0 and 24000, inclusive.

    Code (Text):
    /px schedule create mysched world_nether -w now -f 203 -e =91000

    This schedule will begin immediately and occur every 203 ticks. It will set the exhaustion of all non-immune players in the nether to exactly 91000. Note that this value must be greater than 72000 (minimum exhaustion) because we are using the "=" modifier to set the value.

    All schedules are stored in JSON format. Do not edit this file directly; interact with the JSON file only through in-game commands. Malformed JSON or incorrect parameters will cause errors.

    More features to come! Enjoy PhantomX, your Survival Phantom companion.

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