PhantomX 3.0.4

The ultimate suite of tools to meet your Phantom-related needs.

  1. Stable release; includes global phantom disable.

    Schedules have been deemed stable and are now recommended for use.

    If you just want to disable phantoms globally and not take advantage of the PhantomX features, you can do so by setting disable-phantoms to true in your config.
  2. New feature: Immediate schedules, minor fixes

    If you want to have your schedule begin as soon as you create it (and as soon as your server starts), you can use the -w now parameter instead of entering a server time between 0 and 24000 ticks.
  3. Feature requests

    @SlimeDog Enable "alternate-prefix" in your config. Colors stripped from non-configurable messages.
  4. Permission-based schedule config setting

    You can alter the default behavior of schedules to only affect players with certain permissions.
    • Default behavior: Schedules affect all non-immune behaviors in the schedule's specified world.
    • Permission-based scheduling behavior (3.0.1-SNAPSHOT): This feature is enabled in the config. If set to true, only players with the permission phantom.schedule.<schedule-name>.<world-name> will be affected by the schedule.
  5. Huge update - new features, config changes, command changes, bugfixes

    PhantomX version 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT brings a ton of huge changes.
    • The plugin prefix can be disabled from the config.
    • Beds can be disabled from the config.
    • Various commands have been adjusted.
      • Exhaust is now a subcommand of "/px" (e.g. /px exhaust)
      • Sleep is now a subcommand of "/px" (e.g. /px sleep)
      • PList has been renamed and is now a subcommand of "/px" (e.g. /px players)
    • Reloading now properly updates the new "prefix" setting....
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  6. Major locale changes

    Improved customizability for messages (e.g. "PERMISSION: " and other previously unmodifiable messages).

    Gamemode names are taken directly from spigot's localization and cannot be changed. You can, however, remove "${reason}" within the locale to exclude mention of the suppression reason.

    Messages will no longer be sent if the corresponding locale field is empty or "NONE" (all caps).

    Removed bed-alert configuration toggle (redundant).
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  7. Bugfix

    Fixed admin suppression.
  8. Bugfixes

    Addressed command errors when executed from console, fixed permission processing on login. PhantomX now respects "operators" and considers them to have phantom.admin.
  9. New reload command, admin permission, config changes

    • Added /phantomx reload (/px reload) to reload config/locale. (requires phantom.admin)
    • Added phantom.admin permission to grant all permissions.
    • Files are generated on startup.
    • Major optimizations.
    Please test thoroughly.

    This is a snapshot build, not a stable release.
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  10. Suppression List Manager Rewrite

    The list of players with phantom spawning suppressed is now always up-to-date and does not require reconnection.

    Minor bugfixes.

    This is a snapshot build; proceed with caution. Please provide feedback in the discussion section.
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