Phoenix Anti-Cheat 2.0.0-pre6

Anti-Hack System.

  1. PAC 2.0.0-pre6

    • Fixed compatibility error. Now it works on 1.13.2
    • Added SkinBlinker check
    • Added completely new MorePackets check
    • Added new login module and removed AntiBot
    • Added new command "/pac tps"
    • Added comments for some checks in config
    • Added "<vl>, <ping>, <tps>, <module>" placeholders for "actions" section in config
    • Added compatibility check. PAC will give you enough information about compatibility with your server version at start
    • Added "levitationSpeed" type for Flight module
    • Added Speed check for horse/boat
    • Fixed Flight maxJumpHeight bypass
    • Fixed Flight fastFall bypass
    • Fixed LEVITATION effect causing Flight false positive
    • Fixed DOLPHINS_GRACE effect casuing Speed false positive
    • Fixed DOLPHINS_GRACE multiplier always applying in water
    • Fixed Flight check false positive while jumping on slime/bed
    • Fixed Flight check false positive on stairs/slabs
    • Fixed Flight check false positive caused by low packet sent rate
    • Fixed bubble columns causing false positive for Flight check
    • Fixed Phase check false positives on some blocks
    • Fixed config resets to default when you change "actions" pattern. Also did other changes on "actions" to fix it
    • Fixed TPS calculation
    • Fixed "<tps>" placeholder in "messages.format" giving too long value
    • Fixed external commands at "actions" executing while player is offline
    • Fixed other characters can be used instead of "/" for "/pac" command
    • (probably) Fixed issues with log folder
    • Combined informations about BlockBoundingBox in MovementUtil and Phase module for better performance
    • Added "getMinecraftVersion" to ServerPAC
    • Added "getSpigotName" to ServerPAC
    • Replaced "getVersionAPI" method with "getMinorVersion" and "getMajorVersion"
    • Fixed PlayerPacketSentEvent not working for all packets
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