Phoenix Anti-Cheat 2.0.0-pre6

Anti-Hack System.

  1. PAC 2.0.0-pre6

    • Fixed compatibility error. Now it works on 1.13.2
    • Added SkinBlinker check
    • Added completely new MorePackets check
    • Added new login module and removed AntiBot
    • Added new command "/pac tps"
    • Added comments for some checks in config
    • Added "<vl>, <ping>, <tps>, <module>" placeholders for "actions" section in config
    • Added compatibility check. PAC will give you enough information about compatibility with your server version...
  2. PAC 2.0.0-pre5

    • Some checks breaking Flight check while teleporting
    • Issues with air types (CAVE_AIR, VOID_AIR)
    • Phase check not working properly on some blocks
    • Now API is ready to use! For more information, click here.
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  3. PAC 2.0.0-pre4

    • 'FastFall' type for Flight check
    • NBT check.
    • <tps> placeholder (but it's not used by default)
    • Plugin load priority to STARTUP
    • Packet listener causing crash when using /reload command
    • First violation of any check doesn't send to console
    • 1.13 material names in Phase check
    • Flight check not working properly on double grass
    • onGround check not working properly on lily pad in older versions...
  4. PAC 2.0.0-pre3

    • Phase check
    • 'AutoBlock' type for KillAura check
    • onGround check not working properly on grass path
    • onGround check not working properly on farmland
    • onGround check not working properly on doors
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  5. 2.0.0-pre2

    • 1.7 compatibility issue
    • Compatibility issues with left hand
    • Speed false positive while entering vehicle
    • Flight false positive while walking on vehicle
    • Flight false positive while there is no block under water
    • Flight bug on vines
    • onGround check false positive on signs
    • onGround check not working properly on 1.7/1.8 lily pad
    • onGround check not working properly on fence/wall
    • Flight false positive while using slow falling effect
    • Speed/Flight...
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  6. PAC 2.0.0-pre1

    + 1.13 support
    + No longer requires ProtocolLib
    + New Speed check
    + New MorePackets check
    + New KillAura check
    + New Inventory check
    + New AntiBot check
    + New DamageIndicator check
    + Added Flight check
    + Added notification format to config
    + Improved "actions" section
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  7. PAC 1.3.0

    + Improved Speed check
    + Fixed Speed false positives

    • Ice
    • Slab
    • Fly
    + Fixed Movement false positives
    • 'direction' on damage
    • 'fastfall' on flight
    + Fixed BotAttack console error
    + Fixed ImpossiblePackets check
    + Fixed VL console error
    + Fixed notification permission thing
  8. PAC 1.2.9

    + Fixed Speed false positives
    • Punch enchantment
    • Speed potion
    • Parkour
    • Ice
    • /op /deop
    + Improved Movement check
    • Improved 'direction'
    • Fixed 'fastfall' false positives
    + Fixed MorePackets config bug
  9. PAC 1.2.8

    + Improved ImpossiblePackets check
    + Added notification delay for console
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  10. PAC 1.2.7b

    + Fixed Movement(direction) false positives
    + Fixed VL console errors
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