Phoenix Anti-Cheat 2.0.0-pre6

Anti-Hack System.

  1. PAC 1.0.9

    + Added in-game config menu.
    + Fixed PingSpoof kicks when player is dead.
    + Added Flight/Glide check. (Works in survival. Not completed. > u can even bypass with notepad.exe)
    + Some changes on notifications.
  2. PAC 1.0.8

    + Added PingSpoof check
    + Added internal commands for "actions": "pacmessage, pacbroadcast"
    + Spam message removed from messages.yml. Now using internal command "pacmessage"
    + ASCII message removed from messages.yml. Now using internal command "pacmessage"
    + Messages.yml removed. Messages can be found in config.yml
    + Fixed 1.11 support.
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  3. PAC 1.0.7

    + Fixed notification delay cause violation check problem
    + Explained everything in config (#comment)
    + Added actions config for every check

    Code (Text):
          a: cancel::notify
          4: tell <player> r u using <hack> m8 ?
          5: kick <player> <tag> st0p h4ck1ng n00b
    a: every violation
    <n>: called when violation level is <n>

    For multiple commands, use "::"
    Available internal commands: cancel, notify
    Available placeholders:...
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  4. PAC 1.0.6

    + Added support for 1.11. (ProtocolLib 4.2)
    + Fixed NPC bug in 1.10.
    + Added new KillAura check.
    + Improved massive connections check
    - Removed old KillAura and KillAuraLegit check due to false positives and bypasses.
  5. PAC 1.0.5

    + Added new KillAuraLegit check.
    - Old KillAuraLegit check removed due to false positives.
    - MoreInventory check currently disabled due to false positives.
  6. PAC 1.0.4

    + Added notification delay. (1000ms = 1 second)
    + Added KillAuraLegit check.
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  7. PAC 1.0.3

    + Fixed ImpossibleInteract boat bug.
    + Fixed KillAura click delay bug. (change "npc-click-delay" value to 200)
    + Fixed KillAura entity ID bug.
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  8. PAC 1.0.2

    + Added Angle check.
    + Added permission for notifications > Phoenix.Notification
    + Fixed KillAura permission bug.
  9. PAC 1.0.1

    + Added MoreInventory check.
    + Some improvements on KillAura.
    + Fixed KillAura UUID bug. (Invisible skin/name)
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  10. PAC - REMAKE

    - Plugin completely re-coded.