PHP Mojang API 1.5

A easy-to-use PHP class for accessing official Mojang's API

  1. Update for PHP 7.2

    Remove deprecated message (regarding each() function) since PHP 7.2
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  2. Fix players head

    Update if you have any issue with players head, else this isn't required.
  3. Now an empty skin returns null

    While fetching skin, if user exists but hasn't a skin, it returns null.
    If an error happens, it still returns false.
    Also fix method MojangAPI::isAlex($uuid)
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  4. Added server query and ping methods

    Query or ping a Minecraft server to retrieve its players count
    - Query: MojangAPI::query($address, $port)
    - Ping:$address, $port)
  5. Added authentification method

    Authenticate a Minecraft/Mojang account and retrieve his UUID and username
    - Usage: MojangAPI::authenticate($id, $password)
    - Warning After a few fails, Mojang server will deny all requests !