Piñata [1.8-1.12] 2.6.5

Break pinata and get drops! | Crates, GUI's, drops preview, API, very configurable.

  1. Plajer
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Plajer (Creator), OzaX_0maZa (translator/tester), Elternbrief (translator), TomTheDeveloper (translator), adolfo_garolfo (translator)
    Languages Supported:
    English, Polski, Français, Deutsch, Nederlands, Español
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    Note: GIFs are with enabled full blindness effect​

    This is a unique pinata plugin! You can buy or spawn configured pinatas and break them to get drops.
    Plugin is very customizable and allows you to create many types of pinatas (e.g. food/money pinata).
    You can use several types of drops such as item, command, gun or money. Pinata mob can be any mob type (if it's sheep it can be dyed for 16 different colors).
    Wanna use it as pinata crate plugin? No problem! You can create pinata crates since 2.0.0 version.

    Note: If you wanna send me suggestion feel free to send me a PM. Any bugs should be reported first! Please don't make bad reviews due to bugs/errors. Thanks a lot :)

    Optional dependencies: Holographic Displays, Vault, CrackShot
    • Holographic Displays support (Optional since v2.0.4)
    • Vault support (Optional)
    • CrackShot support (Optional)
    • Permission-based pinatas
    • Custom mob type for pinata (v.2.3.0+)
    • Per player pinata and global pinata types (v1.2.0+)
    • GUI for drops preview and pinatas list (v1.2.2+)
    • Most of the messages are configurable
    • Buyable pinatas (requires Vault)
    • Pinata validator (never create your pinata wrong)
    • 4 types of drops (item, command, money, gun)
    • 16 dye colors for a sheep (see Creating pinata section)
    • Disabled worlds feature (v2.2.10+)
    • 1.8-1.12 support
    • API for plugin (v1.3.0+)
    • Pinata crates (v2.0.0+)
    • Blindness effect for realistic pinata breaking (v2.2.7+)
    • Multiple languages support (locale - l12n) (v2.6.0+)
    • Unique plugin on SpigotMC

    [required argument], <optional argument>
    • /pinata create [pinata] <target player> - Create existing pinata
      or /pinata create [world] [x loc] [y loc] [z loc] [pinata] - Create pinata at custom location
    • /pinata buy [pinata] - Buy existing pinata (Vault required)
    • /pinata list - List of all pinatas
    • /pinata preview [pinata] - Preview pinata drops
    • /pinata reloadconfig - Reload configuration files
    • /pinata setcrate - Set pinata crate at specific location
    • /pinata cratelist - Prints you all created crates
    • pinata.* - Permission pack for all pinata commands and permissions (admin commands too)
    • pinata.player.* - Crate and commands permissions pack
    • pinata.player.crate - Gives you permission to use crates
    • pinata.player.sign - Permission to use pinata signs
    • pinata.command.* - Gives you permission to use all commands
    • pinata.command - Main permission to use /pinata command
    • pinata.command.list - Permission for list command
    • pinata.command.buy - Permission for buy command
    • pinata.command.preview - Permission for preview command
    • pinata.admin.* - Gives you all admin permissions
    • pinata.admin.reload - Permission for reloadconfig command
    • pinata.admin.create - Permission for create command
    • pinata.admin.create.others - Permission for creating pinatas to other players
    • pinata.admin.notify - Permission for notify about plugin updates after joining server
    • pinata.admin.freeall - Permission to buy all pinatas for free
    • pinata.admin.crate.destory - Permission to destroy crates
    • pinata.admin.crate.list - Permission to cratelist command
    • pinata.admin.crate.set - Permission to setcrate command
    • pinata.admin.sign.set - Permission to set pinata signs
    • pinata.admin.sign.destroy - Permission to destroy pinata signs
    • pinata.use.default - Permission to use preconfigured "default" pinata (You can edit permissions for each pinata)
    Translation messages files (current file version: 9)
    The higher the "version" number is, the less outdated the translation is.
    (2.6.0+) Usage of this translations is now deprecated. Plugin has implemented locales support.
    Wanna add here new language / update current language? Click here!

    Code (YAML):
    #Pinatas configuration file

    #Should we use permission for each pinata?
    : true

    #Notify about plugin updates?
    : true

    #You can modify default locale of plugin here.
    #Available locales:
    #en - English (default)
    #pl - Polish / Polski
    #de - German / Deutsch
    #nl - Dutch / Nederlands
    #fr - French / Français
    #es - Spanish / Español
    #hu - Hungarian / Magyar
    : en

    #In this worlds you can create pinata only by console or '/pinata create' admin command.
    - 'cASe SenSItIve wORLD namE'

    #Exclusions of creating pinatas using crates or signs in disabled worlds
    #false = blocked, true = unlocked
    : false
    : false

    #Requires Holographic Displays
    #Crate hologram refresh time.
    #Warning! Do not set this value to big because destroying crate cause hologram update in this refresh time
    #Time in seconds.
    : 2

    #Crate particle refresh time.
    #Time in seconds.
    : 2

    #How many hearts should EVERY damage of pinata take?
    #0.0 = disabled, 1 = 0.5 heart
    #Useful if you're creating public types, players won't kill pinatas with their OP swords that fast.
    : 0.0

    #Because you can't set command item, you need to use configured item.
    : paper

    #Because you can't set money item, you need to use configured item.
    : diamond

    #Because you can't set gun item, you need to use configured item.
    : iron_barding

    #Enable halloween special pinata effects?
    : false

    : 5

    Code (YAML):
    #          Pinatas configuration file
    #  To create new pinata please use this example:
    # pinatas: //don't edit this line
    #   name_of_pinata: //set any name of your pinata
    #     timer: <seconds> //item display time on ground after breaking pinata
    #     color: <black/blue/brown/cyan/gray/green/light_blue/lime/magenta/orange/pink/purple/red/silver/white/yellow> //select one of these valid dye colors of pinata
    #     permission: <string> //type here any permission you want (using-permissions in config.yml must be "true"!)
    #     cost: <number> //cost of pinata in "/pinata buy" command. Available only when Vault is installed. Use "-1" value to disable pinata buying
    #     type: <public/private> //set type of pinata. Setting "public" type allows ANY player break pinata and get its drops. Value "private" allows break pinata only CREATOR
    #     blindness-effect: <true/false> //Should player get blindness effect when pinata is created?
    #     blindness-duration: <number> //Duration in seconds of blindness effect after pinata is created
    #         'blindness-effect' must be true!
    #     full-blindness-effect: <true/false> //Enable full blindness effect? Blindness + night vision combination
    #     crate-time: <seconds> //how long can pinata hang above crate when it's created (to avoid trolls that can buy pinata and don't break it)
    #     health: <number> //how many hearts pinata will have
    #     mob-type: <entity> //all valid entities are here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Mob
    #     drop-type: <death/punch> //when we should drop pinata drops defined below?
    #     drops: //don't edit this line
    #       //Valid item types (color codes '&' supported) ('%player%' placeholder supported)
    #       - item;<name of item>;<amount>;<name of item and hologram>/<lore>/<next lore>...;<chance of drop>
    #       - command;<command string>;<name of hologram>;<chance of drop>
    #       (Vault required) - money;<amount of money>;<name of hologram>;<chance of drop>
    #       (CrackShot required) - gun;<name of valid gun>;<name of hologram>;<change of drop>
    #     Now you know how to create new pinata! Good luck and have fun with this plugin :)
    #  Short FAQ:
    #  Q: My item doesn't work!
    #  A: Please check if item name isn't item ID and check if your item contains all values from example section

    : 5
    : red
    : pinata.use.default
    : -1
    : private
    : false
    : false
    : 10
    : 10
    : 2.5
    : sheep
    : death
        - item;grass;2;&aGrass block/&aIt contains lore!/&3&lEven more lines!!!;20.1
         - item;bread;1;&aBread;80.5
         - command;pinata create default %player%;&e&lFree pinata!;5.0

    #Crack this pinata!
    Pinata creation is explained itself in pinatas.yml, but if you want to know more or you don't understand something PM me :D


    Where can I report bug/suggestion?

    Click here to send me PM :)

    My pinata doesn't spawn!

    Make sure that any plugin (for example WorldGuard) doesn't block mob spawning at your location. If so make sure you allow mob spawning there.

    Are there any placeholders?

    You can use %player% placeholder in command drop and hologram names.

    Are you going to update this plugin?
    Yes! I've added update notifier so when the update comes you'll be notified!

    How can I use Pinata API? (v1.3.0+)
    For events and methods please look this java docs: https://plajer-lair.github.io/Pinata/

    How to use pinata crates? (v2.0.0+)
    Place chest at the selected location.
    2. Type command /pinata setcrate <crate name> while looking at placed chest.
    3. Done! Now you can buy pinatas in crates!
    (to remove crate just destroy it, do not use WorldEdit etc. to remove crate!!)

    How to disable/enable Halloween mode? (v2.1.0+)
    By default Halloween mode is disabled, you can enable it in config.yml.
    1. Just add this line to your config.yml:
    Code (YAML):
    halloween-mode: true
    Since v2.2.7 config is updated automatically
    2. Type /pinata reloadconfig and that's all!

    How can I create pinata sign? (v2.4.0+)
    To set pinata sign type those messages in following lines:
    1st line - [Pinata]
    2nd line - all/pinata name
    all - Pinata GUI with all pinatas will be opened
    pinata name - Pinata with specified name will be purchased (price configurable in pinatas.yml)

    How can I spawn pinata at random custom location? (v2.5.1+)
    Just use ~ character in X, Y or Z coord.
    For example: /pinata create world 14~50 80 100 default
    It will create pinata at random X coord between 14 and 50, 80 Y coord and 100 Z coord.

    How can I change plugin locale and how many locales are there? (v2.6.0+)
    There are currently: English, Polish, German, French, Spanish and Dutch locales.
    To enable locale edit locale value in config.yml to the following prefix:
    English - en
    Polish - pl
    German - de
    French - fr
    Spanish - es
    Dutch - nl

    Pinata support server - https://discord.gg/UXzUdTP
    Private message - click here

    Donators wall:
    - @OzaX_0maZa (5€)

    This plugin is using bStats to collect anonymous data.
    Like my work? Review this plugin and rate it ★★★★★ :D

    Copyright ⓒ 2018 - Plajer's Lair, Pinata Project maintained by @Plajer and contributors
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