PickLoot 0.2.9

Add loot to lockpickable chests!

  1. SIndybad
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    PickLoot is a Loot plugin designed for PickLockedItems to create lockpickable loot chests.

    Use loot chests to reward players loot for lockpicking into chests. You could also use loot chests in quests, such as a thief quest.

    Warning: At the moment, the plugin is experimental and so may contain bugs

    PickLoot is designed around LootTables. LootTables contain items, alongside their chances for spawning and minimum and maximum amounts. LootTables also have a reset time, which is the time it takes for loot to regenerate inside the chest.
    Once you have created a loot table, you can assign it to a chest and it will become a loot chest

    1) Use the command "/pickloot createLootTable <name> <resetTime_Days> <resetTime_Hours> <resetTime_Minutes> <resetTime_Seconds>" to create a new loot table.
    2) Create item ids (a number used as a reference to an item) using the command "/pickloot getitemid" whilst holding your item. You can use items with custom names/lores/enchantments/effects/etc
    3) Add items to the loot table using the command "/pickloot addItem <lootTable> <chance> <min> <max> [itemID]"
    4) Assign the loot tables to chests/locked chests by targeting them and using the command "/pickloot assign <lootTable>"

    Code (Text):
    /pickloot assign <lootTable>:
        Assign the chest you are looking at to <lootTable>

    /pickloot unassign:
        Unassigns the chest you are looking at from its loot table

    /pickloot getitemid:
        Creates a number that can be used as a reference to the item in your hand

    /pickloot createLootTable <name> <resetTime_Days> <resetTime_Hours> <resetTime_Minutes> <resetTime_Seconds>:
        Creates a loot table in the lootTables.yml

    /pickloot deleteLootTable <lootTable>:
        Deletes <lootTable>

    /pickloot addItem <lootTable> <chance> <min> <max> [itemID]:
        Adds the item [itemID] to <lootTable>. If [itemID] is not specified, the item in your hand is used.
        <chance> is the probability to spawn from 0 to 1, 0 being impossible and 1 being definite
        If the item spawns, <min> and <max> define the amount

    /pickloot removeItem <lootTable> <itemID>:
        Removes <itemID> from <lootTable>

    /pickloot changeResetTime <lootTable> <resetTime_Days> <resetTime_Hours> <resetTime_Minutes> <resetTime_Seconds>:
        Changes the resetTime of <lootTable>

    - pickloot.admin (default OP): grants access to all commands

    In plugins/PickLoot/config.yml you will find:
    Code (Text):
    wipeLockSlot: true
    wipeTrapSlot: true
    exitCommand: " "
    wipeLockSlot will delete the lock slot from locked loot chests so the player cannot create lockpicks.
    wipeTrapSlot will delete the trap slot from locked loot chests so the player cannot access the trap. Note that if this is set to true, you will not be able to place traps in the chest.

    If you are using vanilla chests, set both of these options (wipeLockSlot and wipeTrapSlot) to true

    exitCommand will be run when a player closes the loot chest
    %PLAYER% will be replaced with the player's name. %LOCX%, %LOCY% and %LOCZ% are replaced with the loot chest's coordinates
    e.g. exitCommand: "tp %PLAYER% %LOCX% %LOCY% %LOCZ%" would teleport the player inside of the loot chest :p

    exitCommand can be set per lootTable in lootTables.yml or for all lootTables in config.yml

    • Allow item ids to be created within the "/pickloot addItem" command
    • Add a way to allow resetTime to be changed without restarting the server
    • Add exit command per loot table
    • Please let me know of any ideas you may have in the discuss :)

    Let me know of any bugs you find using the discuss. Do not post bugs in the review section!

    If you really like the plugin, consider leaving a donation :)

    Top donators:
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    By downloading this plugin, you agree to:
    • Not redistribute the plugin in any way
    • Not claim the plugin as your own
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    Version: 0.2.4
    best loot plugin ever! thank you for your time in making this plugin its simple and easy to use and very cool!
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    Version: 0.2.4
    Excellent idea, it is a good plugin to add to its server to please the players and add small orginialities.
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    This plugin is great for custom loot chests and adds a whole new experience to RPG servers when combined with SIndybad's lock picking plugin. SIndybad is also very responsive and a really patient person.
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    A must have for RPG servers, extremely customisable, feature rich. Allows you to create very intricate game mechanics!