Pickpocket 2.6

Thieving plugin for Minecraft.

  1. Pickpocket-v1.0

    * Chance for an item depends on how many times you stole it instead of every items chance being affected.
    * Replaced experience with times stolen.
    * Changed equation for determining 'Your chance'.
    * Removed unnecessary configuration sections.
    * Added command '/pickpocket giverandom <amount>' to give yourself a random pickpocket item.
    * Permission: pickpocket.developer
    * Decreased automatic saving from every 30 seconds to every 5 seconds.
    * Pickpocket item inventory always opens at the first page.
    * Changed command '/pickpocket xp' to '/pickpocket steals'.
    * Removed command '/pickpocket givexp'.
    * Added command '/pickpocket bypasscooldown <true/false> <optional name>' to toggle cooldown bypassing.
    * Permission: pickpocket.bypass.cooldown
    * Added command '/pickpocket exempt <true/false> <optional name>' to toggle exemption from being stolen from.
    * Permission: pickpocket.exempt
    * Added command '/pickpocket admin <true/false>' to toggle admin notifications.
    * Permission: pickpocket.admin


    * Some pickpocket items aren't visible in '/pickpocket items' once you've received it.
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