PickupMoney 2.5.2

A RPG way to get money reward from mobs/players & blocks

  1. 2.5.2

    Fix a bug of parsing money which causes players can't receive money when pick up.
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  2. 2.5.1

    • Fixed problem with zombie. Now when zombie pick the money and die, the money on zombie's hand will drop out as normal money (not item).
    • Fixed the money drop from player. Now it will drop all money of players even the last 1 cent until they have no more money to drop.
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  3. 2.5

    I'm really sorry for this late because of the midterm exam last weeks.

    Now support 1.11 version.
    Add decimalPlace in config.yml to let you choose the amount of decimal numbers in the money.
    Fixed the glitch with Slimefun. Not really fixed because I didn't test but hope so.
  4. 2.4.3

    Fix a minor bug that may cause error on plugin load.
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  5. 2.4.2

    Now support 1.9.4 and 1.10
    Sorry for not updating in a long time. I had a final exam in the first week of this month. So I had to study for it. And that's why I can't do any work.
  6. 2.4.1

    • Add options to disable drop block that contain money with silktorch or creative.
    Code (YAML):
    #Should the plugin drop out the block that contain money with these conditions?
    : false
    : false
    • Fix 2 small bugs.
  7. 2.4

    • Send message in action bar
    actionBarMessage in config.yml to enable/disable sending message in action bar
    chatMessage in config.yml to enable/disable sending message in chat
    Currently action bar is only able to be used for Spigot/Bukkit 1.9+. Tell me if you want it for 1.8 and I'll add it.
    • Shift to pick up
    shiftToPickUp in config.yml to enable/disable able to pick up money only when sneaking
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  8. 2.3

    Add limited amount of money player can pick up.
    • limit section in config.yml.
    • limit.yml if you enable limiting
    The limit will auto reset for all player in an amount of time (set in config.yml).
    In limit.yml, there is a option called 'time'. It's is the base time value in timestamp milisec that the plugin uses to check for the reset. The value is
    automatically generated when the server first starts which the limit is enabled. And the plugin will start counting and...
  9. 2.2

    Add scheduleMode in config.yml.
    Code (Text):
      enable: false
      radius: 2
      interval: 5
    Without using this mode, player have to be able to pick up the item to get the money. So if the inventory is full, you can't get the money.
    This mode will loop through all players and check entities near them to detect the money and then "pick" it up. Use this mode to be able to pick money up even when inventory is full. But it can cause lag. Need a full reload/restart when switch it....
  10. 2.1.1

    Nothing much. Just a build for Spigot 1.9.
    Basically, the previous version can work fine in 1.9 but you have to change the sound in config.yml to the new 1.9 value.
    So to keep the plugin can run by default. This version just changed the default sound to the correct sound.