PickUpSpawners PickUpSpawners 2.8

This plugin enables users to pickup and place spawners and much more!

  1. Added support for new mobs, added customizable GUI skins and bug fixes!

    Hey guys!

    Sorry its been so long since an update!!!!! :(

    This update finally adds support for Polar bears and Llamas.

    I've also changed the way the head skins in the GUI work. Now instead of being preset, you can change the head urls in the Head_URLs file that gets generated when you first run this update.

    I've also done several major bug fixes and changed some of the mob permission names for example: pickupspawners.pigzombie has become pickupspawners.pigman.

    I've had a few people report issues using this plugin alongside the plugin GriefProtection. I'm looking into these issues and hope to have a fix out soon.

    As always, if you find any buggies let me know and I'll squash 'em.

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