Picturebook 1.3.0

Replaces configurable keywords in Chat, Commands, Signs, and Item Names!

  1. Starza4TW
    Picturebook is a chat/command/sign/item-name filter that replaces keywords with definable replacements. Use it to censor words, add in emoticons, or to make easy shortcuts for formatting codes!

    Turns this...
    into this!

    • Full support with Minecraft's formatting codes and Unicode (UTF-8) Symbols!
    • Works with Chat, Commands, Signs, & Item Names.
    • Any and all filtered words get replaced, no matter how many there are.
    • Case insensitive.
    • Fully Configurable, including permissions on commands and who's chat gets filtered.
    • Picturebook v1.3.0 released! Now supports filtering with chat, commands, signs, and item names!
    • Servers that used the 1.2 series must change the permission picturebook.filter to picturebook.chatfilter!
    • Picturebook v1.3.0 *should* work for servers running Minecraft 1.8.4 through Minecraft 1.8.8.
    • Want to see it in action? Visit mc.transcendencegaming.net

    Upcoming Features
    • Book Filtering (So we can truly have Picture-books!)
    • Integration with other chat plugins?
    (PM me the name of your server and it's IP and I can add it to this list!)
    Transcendence Gaming Network: mc.transcendencegaming.net

    Picturebook uses Hidendra's Metrics code in order to collect information about the servers who use Picturebook. This information is non-identifying, and its publicly available. The following information is sent the MCStats servers.

    • Server GUID (Unique Server Identifier)​
    • Authentication Mode (Online/Cracked)​
    • Plugin Version​
    • System Cores​
    • System Architecture​
    • Server Software (Bukkit/Spigot/Cauldron/etc.)​
    • Server Location (Country)​
    • Operating System​
    • MCStats Revision​
    • Java Version​
    • Total Players​
    • Minecraft Version​

    You can opt out of Metrics by setting the Configuration Option allowMetrics to false, or globally opt out of Metrics by going into plugins/Plugin Metrics/config.yml and changing opt-out to true.

    Picturebook is licensed under the MIT License. Feel free to use the code for your own projects, or to help me develop Picturebook! Just remember to credit me with the code you forked from Picturebook. Although not required, I love seeing what people make with my code, so PM with a link to your project!

    All Metrics code belongs to Hidendra and is not part of Picturebook's license.

    Click here for the License.

    Hope you guys enjoy! PM me if you have any questions. Don't forget to rate!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sluggasaurus
    Version: 1.2.2
    It's still new, but with what it currently has, it's great.
    No problems, functions very well, and is easy to use.
    1. Starza4TW
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Glad to hear its great! :D