PilzServerTools 2.3

A collection of advanced server administration tools that will allow you to protect your server

  1. AustinPilz
    Pilz Server Tools is a collection of advanced server administration tools that will better allow you to assist your players and protect your server

    Key Features
    • Plugin stealing protection - block players from using plugin stealing commands
    • Player Information - gives every piece of minecraft data on a particular user
    • Help Me - feature that allows users to be placed into a queue. When an admin is ready to assist a user, it teleports them to the players location.
    • Maintenance Mode - like whitelist, but allows anyone with PST admin permission to login, while providing others with maintenance message
    • Silence Mode - disable chat for any player without admin permissions, while they can still see messages from admins
    • Memory Management
    Help Me
    • Help me creates a queue for players in need of assistance. When a player needs help, they issue the command "/helpme" and they will automatically be placed into the queue & admins will be notified. The queue supports unlimited users, and helps them on a first come first served basis. When an admin is ready to assist, they simply issue the command "/helpme" and they will be automatically teleported to the user in need. That user is then removed from the queue, and the next user in need of assistance is in the front of the line.
    • Displays a scoreboard for all users with admin or helper permissions, with number of users in the help queue
    Maintenance Mode
    • When enabled, only users with admin or helper permissions are permitted to join the server. All others are automatically kicked, and are displayed with a message letting them know maintenance is underway
    Player Information
    • Provides every bukkit information about a user (ex. is flying, health, food, level, etc.)
    • Supervise mode allows you to watch over players to see if they're up to no good. When you enter supervisor mode, you are automatically vanished and teleported to the users location
    Silence Mode
    • Mode that when enabled, disables chat for any players without PST admin permissions. This is very useful if players are all fighting, or updates are in progress
    Lockdown Mode
    • In the event you need to freeze, mute and or disable all player commands, lockdown made makes it easy. You can change what is enabled/disabled during lockdown mode in the global.yml file. You can disable any movement, chat or commands from users that do not have PST admin permissions
    Security Protection
    • A common way for users to "steal" a servers plugins is by typing unprotected plugin commands, which are usually never blocked by servers. PST disables anybody without PST admin permissions from accessing these command in order to protect your server
    Memory Protection
    • There's no need to install another plugin that consumes more resources just to view your servers memory information! PST now monitors your servers memory usage which you can view at any time
    • Option to broadcast message to all users on server reload, letting them know a reload is underway and that commands will be temporarily unavailable.

    Plugin Usage
    • No PST setup is required. Admin permissions is automatically assigned to OPs.
    • Settings can be changed in the global.yml file
    Development Updates
    • For updates, or just to say hi, follow me on Twitter.
    Developer Server
    You can visit my server with all of my plugins at play.pilzbros.com

Recent Updates

  1. 2.3 - Speed Improvements

Recent Reviews

  1. zimbabweh
    Version: 2.3
    It really helps sort out the players who are needing help and lets staff members speak to them easier. Also, the other features are otherwise well-rounded and useful for the server.