Ping Finder [1.9] 1.0

A simplistic plug-in that allows' players to locate their ping to the server.

  1. Inkzzz
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    *Note* This plug-in has only been tested on 1.9 servers.


    Ping Finder allows' players to view their ping to the server. Currently, you can alter the messages in the configuration file.

    > Default configuration file
    Code (Text):
    pingMessage: Your ping is {0}.
    otherPingMessage: '{0}''s ping is {1}.'
    offlineMessage: '{0} is not online.'
    Colour codes are supported.

    /ping - This will send you a message containing your ping.
    /ping <player> - This will send you a message containing the player's you entered ping.

    Bugs / Issues
    If you are having any errors or plug-in issues, please create them here. I won't respond to private messages.

    Source Code
    You can visit the source code repository by clicking here.

Recent Updates

  1. Ping Finder - Revamped per request.