Ping 1.1

A simple but powerful ping plugin

  1. insou
    A simple but powerful ping plugin.

    Ping is a highly customisable plugin that allows your players to check their ping, check other's ping, and automatically kick someone if their ping is too high. This is the most customisable ping plugin out there.

    /ping - Shows your ping
    /ping <Name> - Checks someone else's ping
    /ping help - Displays the help dialogue
    /ping reload - Reloads the configuration
    /ping autokick <true | false> - Enables or disables autokick
    /pingall - Displays ping of all players

    Ping.PingSelf - Allows you to check your ping
    Ping.PingOther - Allows you to check other players' ping
    Ping.Help - Allows you to check the help dialogue
    Ping.Reload - Allows you to reload the configuration
    Ping.Autokick - Allows you to enable or disable autokick
    Ping.Autokickbypass - Allows you to bypass autokick

    Code (Text):
    #Message prefixes
    Prefix: '&2&l[&aPing&2&l]'
      #Enable / Disable autokick
      Enabled: false
      #Ping level to kick at
      Ping: 5000.0
      #Message to send when player is kicked
      Kickmessage: Your ping is too high!
      #When you don't have permission to do a command
      NoPermission: '&cYou don''t have permission to do that!'
      #When you do /ping (Placeholders: %ping% %player%)
      PingSelf: '&aYour ping is %ping%ms'
      #When you do /ping <player> (Placeholders: %ping% %player%)
      PingOther: '&a%player%''s ping is %ping%ms'
      #When you do /ping <player> and they're not online
      PingOtherNotOnline: '&c%player% is not online!'
      #When you type /ping reload
      Reloading: '&aReloading...'
      #When it finishes reloading
      Reloaded: '&aSuccessfully Reloaded'
    #Do not touch
    ConfigVersion: 1.0

    Please leave a review and any suggestions you have!
    If your server is running this plugin, leave it in a review and I can add it to servers using it for free advertising ;)
    Have a good day!

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  1. Antrox
    Version: 1.1
    PLEASE UPDATE, its broken at the moment
  2. SzdrixGamesYT
    Version: 1.1
    Good job, just the plugin I was looking for; Custom messages, auto kick, watch other ping and reload mode, Great!
    Could you update it for bungee mode?