PingGetter v1.1.2

A basic plugin and fully customizable plugin which adds /ping

  1. 24thcenturygamer
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    Completely customizable in config
    A basic and lightweight plugin which adds the /ping command.

    The messages from this plugin including colors are completely customizable through the config.yml file.

    Currently, only 1.8.8 is officially supported, I am going to be adding support for more versions soon.

    If this plugin has helped you, please consider leaving a review. It helps me work on plugins more!

    Installation Instructions:
    • Download Plugin
    • Stop Server
    • Move plugin into 'plugins' folder
    • Start server
    • The only command in this plugin is /ping.
    • If you do not provide any arguments, it returns the ping of the player who sent the command.
    • If you enter the name of an online player, it returns that player's ping.
    • If you enter an invalid name or one of a player who is not online, it will trigger the not online message (configurable in config.yml)

    • pinggetter.getping

    Config.yml placeholders:
    • {player} (Player placeholder)
    • {ping} (Ping number placeholder)

    To update the plugin, you have to remove the config.yml file in the PingGetter directory, otherwise the colour codes will not work.

    For colors, use Minecraft's formatting codes. A page containing these codes is linked to in the config.yml

    This plugin uses metrics, if you wish to disable this set the 'metrics' option to false in config.yml

    Do not de-compile this plugin, if you have an issue with the plugin or would like to use the source code in a project of your own, you must gain my permission first.