PingLimiter 1.0

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    Download for 1.8:
    Download for 1.7.10:

    This is a Small Plugin which automatically kicks a Player when he has a too high ping!

    The Config looks like this:

    Code (Text):

    MaxPing: 500

    KickOnHighPing: true

    #Variables %name% - Player name | %ping% - Player Ping | %maxping% - Max Ping
    KickMessage: "&4You were kicked from the Server. You had a ping of %ping% and the maximum is %maxping%"

        UsePermission: false
        Permission: "PingLimit.Ping"
        #Variables %name% - Player name | %permission% - Needed Permission
        NoPermissionMessage: "&4Sorry but you don't have enough permissions to use this command!"
        #Variables %name% - Player name | %ping% - Player Ping | %maxping% - Max Ping | %pingdiff% - Ping difference
        CommandMessage: "&6Your Ping is %ping% and the maximum is %maxping% (Difference of: %pingdiff%)"
        OtherPlayerMessage: "&6The Ping of %name% is %ping% and the maximum is %maxping% (Difference of: %pingdiff%)"
        #Variables %name% - Player name | %oname% - Name of the not found player
        PlayerNotFound: "&4Sorry %name%, but the Player %oname% was not found!"
    Have fun!

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