PingLite 1.2

Adds Custom Motds and max players to your server. Support for fixed or plus-one max players.

  1. Fixes for newer Spigot versions

    Hey all,

    PingLite is now on GitHub!
    So if you're coding inclined, please go check it out :)

    Anyhow, this update finally fixes PingLite on newer Spigot versions.

    All the best,
  2. Add /pinglite command

    This update adds a /pinglite command to allow people to change their motd from in game.

    the commands are:
    /pinglite set line1 <message> - set line 1 of the motd
    /pinglite set line2 <message> - set line 2 of the motd
    /pinglite set playercount <plus-one:standard:number> - set player count mode
    /pinglite info - view the current motd settings

    and permissions: