PingNachricht 2.5

A simple and easy playercounter-editing-plugin

  1. Andre_601
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    If you have trouble editing the config, you can go to the WIKI

    You want something unique for your server?
    You want to show the player, that your server is the best WITHOUT them to join first?

    Then PingNachricht is YOUR choice!

    What does the plugin?
    The plugin helps you, to change the playercounter (The little thing, that shows, how many players are online.) in more than one way!

    You can change the look of the playercounter and even the text, that will be shown, while you're hovering with your mouse over the counter.

    First of all you need the correct version of the plugin ProtocolLib.
    If you don't install ProtocolLib, or you install the wrong version, the plugin won't work!

    After you donwloadet PingNachricht and protocolLib, you just need to do the following:

    1. Put both plugins into your pluginsfolder.
    2. (Re)start the server.
    3. Thats ALL!
    If you see a message in console from ProtocolLib, that says
    [WrappedGameProfile] Plugin PingNachricht created a profile with "PingNachricht_X.X" as an UUID, it means, that everything works!

    Now you just need to change the HoverMessage and (optional) the look of the playercounter itself, save everything and reload the plugin!

    Commands, permissions and placeholders.

    <command> - <alias>
    All commands need the permission pingnachricht.main

    /PingNachricht - /pn
    This is the main command. It will show all available subcommands.

    /PingNachricht reload - /pn reload
    Reloads the yml-files!

    /PingNachricht setcounter <args> - /pn setcounter <args>
    That command let you chang the look of the playercounter.
    Info: If ChangePlayerCounter is set to false, the changes will be saved, but will not affect the playercounter!


    This can be used in the Hovermessage (PlayerCountMessage)
    If a world with the specified name exist, the plugin will show the amount of players, that are in this world!
    This is Casesensitive!

    This can only be used in PlayerCounter!
    It will be replaced, with the amount of players, that are on the server.

    This can only be used in PlayerCounter!
    It will be replaced with the max. amount of players, that can join.
    It will take the data from the!


    Check out my other plugin HelpGUI! Simply click on the image below!

Recent Reviews

  1. Instantout
    Version: 2.4.1
    Love the Plugin, I was first like hmm what does this Do.. so i Got It And It Is Amazing got to Say you can Change the "1/100" Players to Something Custom But you do Loose The Bars, Still Great Plugin.
  2. TheSijonara
    Version: 2.4
    Sehr gutes Plugin, einfache Einstellung und auch sofort bereit!
    Kann man nur empfehlen und funktioniert auch prima auf der Version 1.8.8

    Wir benutzen es!
    1. Andre_601
      Author's Response
      Es freut mich wirklich sehr, dass es dir gefällt. :)
  3. Krunos
    Version: 2.4
    Ich finde diese Plugin ziemlich noice. Jedoch kann ich es leider in Zukunft nicht mehr benutzen. Wir steigen auf Bungeecord um und da funktioniert dieses Plugin leider nicht mehr.

    Kannst du es vielleicht nochmal für Bungeecord Programieren? das wäre wirklich super
    1. Andre_601
      Author's Response
      Bin schon dran, aber das ist ziemlich schwer. Ich hoffe, dass ich es hinbekommen werde.
      Und danke für die 5 Sterne.