PistonORE v1.2

Make certain items Imoveable by the Piston

  1. jolbol1

    Ever wanted to make certain blocks not moveable by pistons? Well this is the plugin for you.

    Why did I make this?
    I needed a plugin to block ores from being pushed or pulled by pistons so that the MCMMO bug would not work, But users could continue to use double drop.

    - Configurable Blacklist
    - Ability to send message to admin when someone attempts to push a blacklisted item (Useful to catch attempt glitchers)

    - Command to teleport to the piston
    - Safe way to teleport.

    Permission Nodes
    - PistonOre.Teleport - Allows player to use /pistonteleport
    - PistonOre.messageSend - Allows player to get sent the admin message

    - /pistonteleport - Lets you teleport to the piston [WARNING this will teleport you to the pistons exact location, So be prepared (A.K.A Creative)]