PixelmonGym [Pixelmon Server Gym Management] 7.4

The popular gym management plugin from bukkit is back!

  1. ABkayCkay
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8


    Please refer to the bukkit page for updated info and versions (Works in 1.8.3 and below):

    Everyone upgrading to the latest version from below v5.4, you NEED to refresh the config so that it can add gymfee and gym#badge. Make sure you backup your old config.
    Everyone upgrading to v5.1+ see my guide on how to set up and prepare for the queues.



    What is this plugin?
    This plugin enables you to set Gym Leaders on your server that are given a certain permission node to notify other players when the Certain Gym/Elite 4 types are Open/Closed. It also enables Challenger's of the Gym/Elite 4 to find out which gym leaders and Elite 4 leaders are online and what gym type or Elite 4 level they are leader of. Not only that, now challengers of the gym join a queue, and get pulled through the queue and teleported into the gym.

    There is a lot more to explain about the plugin, if you want to read everything about the features, you can go to this link:


    Otherwise, you can scroll down to my tutorial video at the bottom of the page.

    I have decided to continue developing this plugin. (I am the original Author)

    A Permission plugin is required! This plugin works off giving gym leaders permissions to allow them to open gym's, heal there pokemon, etc...

    Vault is REQUIRED to work. This is used for the fee features and the adding of gym leaders to groups. You can find out more and download vault here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/vault/

    The plugin also has a command that adds the permissions to the user for you. The supported permissions plugins are; PermissionsEX, GroupManager and BPermissions.

    Optional Dependencies:
    Includes a feature for the Pixelmon Mod, it is not needed but works well with it. The features that use the PixelmonMod are;
    • Gym leader pokemon healing (/gym heal)
    • Adding gym leaders pixelmon automatically (/pixelgym addleader (player) <gym#>
    • All Gym/Elite 4 Leaders can broadcast when there Gym is Open/Closed
    • Gym/Elite 4 Leaders have Unique Gyms that they are set to Open/Close.
    • All Gym/Elite 4 Leaders have Specific Permission Nodes
    • Challengers can see what Gym/Elite 4 Leaders are on right now, and what Gym/Elite 4 level they are Leader of with one command.
    • Challengers can also see all Gyms/Elite 4 level's that are Open/Closed with one command
    • Configurable Broadcast message Prefix
    • Configurable Gym/Elite 4 Names
    • Changeable Per Gym/Elite 4 level Broadcast colours
    • Configurable 5 Rules Per Gym/Elite 4 level that are sent to the player doing /gym rules <gym#/e4#>
    • When gym or Elite 4 leaders Log in, everyone get's notified what gym they are leader of and what there IGN is. ("[PixelmonGym] A Rock Gym Leader has come online! (player)")
    • All Open Gyms/Elite 4 Levels get put in the gym scoreboard on the right hand of the screen
    • Ability to close all Gym's/Elite 4 Level's with one command
    • Ability to enable & disable any gym
    • Supports up to 32 Gym's
    • Ability for gym leaders/Elite 4 leaders to heal their pixlemon.
    • Ability to totally disable or enable help join messages
    • Ability to enable or disable gym leader/elite 4 leader healing
    • Ability to fully disable the scoreboard in the config
    • Make someone a gym/elite 4 leader with one command
    • Remove someone from being a gym/elite 4 leader with one command
    • Elite 4 support
    • Queue System
    • Safe badge showcase system
    • Automatic teleportation out of gym after battle
    • Win badge chat announcement
    • Gym leader battle log system
    GymStatus Signs:
    There are also Gym Status signs that are used to show if a gym is open or not on a sign. It also displays the level cap of each gym. To learn how to set up a StatusSign, click here:
    To see a quick Guide on the Config, go here: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/pixelmongym/pages/configuration/


    To view a whole list of commands go here:


    Want to support my work?
    If you want to support my work, and buy me a pizza.. you can donate below. All donations are highly thanked! <3




    Video Tutorials:
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Recent Reviews

  1. ExileGaming_
    Version: 5.3
    Great plugin for every pixelmon server with gym leaders, elite 4 members, and even people that that want to know whether or not the gyms are open!
  2. KasukiDW
    Version: 4.0
    Wow, it's a very nice plugin, continue in that way! .
    1. ABkayCkay
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      Let me know if anything does not work. :)